This is about you. This is you.

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Read, enjoy and breath in love and out with the negative….

This is about you. This is you.

Who cares about age? It is just a number. And numbers aren´t feelings or thoughts. It´s just a number. So, come on. You´ve got a dream? No matter how big or small, or even if you think ¨It´s stupid¨, erase that pattern. Erase it and let it go. Go for that dream!

Always, always keep going, always a step closer, always live life.  Vent all that you want then wipe those tears, that sweat, those cookie crumbs from your lap and move on. You have already made it so far, look back for that and from that look around. You are ready to move forward to that goal, to that self-love, to all that you wanted. Because you are capable of doing so.

The reason I love this is because I love turning negatives into positives. Start your sentences with ¨Do¨, with ¨Yes¨, with everything positive that you can think of.

It´s a great way to start… never better said.

Come on, what is that? What is that thing that you want? What is that thing that you have been wanting to do? Yeah, that´s it. That one.

Do it!

Too afraid? Then start with the baby steps. We all learnt how to crawl before we knew how to fly. Baby steps and from then, move forward.

With that, let go of fear. Let go of that ¨Not feeling good enough or strong enough or worth enough¨ and all that. I know it is easy to say yet believe me, it is an easy step forward. If you really want it, if you haven´t stop thinking about it, then let go of that fear and take that leap of living fearlessly.

I know it can be entitled to get hurt and that is a risk you have to be willing to take. Wrap yourself with love and bravery.

Cats and dogs and just being hilarious. Also,as stated above, living life fearlessly!

The more you know…

Life and its ways.

You are flawless, you are your own person making your own path and you are wonderful. Whether it is these words, a lion´s hug or a song or another, I know the way is hard, yet you go to make  your own way, you got to be strong and choose that path, the one that only you knows about.


Embrace yourself, express yourself, get to know yourself. We are going down the path of life and we all had our ups and down, be real with yourself and know that you have gotten this far. Open your heart more, yes, you read right. With your friends, the same ones that you have beers with or morning coffee, the same ones that you have been there for when they were lost, open your heart to them. Let go of that fear. Of that dead weight. There is always time to be real with friendships and be more you. The time is now.

Thanks for the read, thanks for the love.

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Spread the word, spread the love,

The Always Believer

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