This thing between you and me has to continue

Team Flyer,

Oh how I love you so… here we are with more inside tips to make your day-to-day life even better… these habits have to continue as you will see positive changes in your life and much more good flow going on…

Okay, okay, so we know that this has all been us, at one point or another, or mainly every single night… with today´s society we sure do know what it means to sleep without resting one bit…

Want to know what else you need to do to continue to make your day a little bit more cheerful? Against the odds? Heck yeah, let´s go!


  1. Be nice to everyone, be nice to someone, be nice in general…. Seriously! One little move, one little glance, one little change can make your day just a bit brighter. We are surrounded by people, no matter if we work in front of a computer or not, the moment we reach the outside world… boom, people! People, just about everywhere…. and since we all need to live with each other, why not just be a bit nicer. A bit more grateful to one of another, say please and thank you, say have a nice day, smile. Whatever it is that you do, it will keep you on a positive track rather than picking up anyone else´s negative vibe. And that right there, is an awesome motive to just do keep being nice to one another.


2. Nap! Be a kid and nap! Seriously, sleeping is good for you mind, soul and just as a human being. Remember when we are babies and all cranky because we didn´t sleep? We are the same as adults. A good 30 minute nap or under, has been told time and time again how good it can be. I am an extreme nap taker and I take them every chance I get. I´d love for you to join this nice tradition that right after will make you feel refreshed and feeling chipper!



3. Oh, hello there procrastination, nice for you to show up.  Oh is this an email I should write back now? Oh, is that a 3 minute youtube clip on how to mow your lawn better?  Let me see that first and then get to the e-mail, I really need to know the lawn stuff before I get a house in a few year´s time…

Yup, we have all been there… looking a long or short list of e-mails to reply to, a few house things to do… how long is that really going to take? 30 mints tops? Time yourself, prove yourself right. Do it now and not when you have so much of an overflow that you want to hire a personal assistant to do it all.





4. Talking about e-mails…

Please try to leave your work at work… Granted if you are like me and love what you do, you will write back whenever wherever… Please, after 7pm or any reasonable time for you to stop sending e-mails, let them be and enjoy right where you are.  Your co-workers, your clients whoever you write to, will survive until the next day. So, don´t fret, let work be and enjoy the moment.


5.  Tidy up!

All that space around your bed that is filled with a million throw pillows or endless pile of clothes, tidy it all up a bit before going to bed… When you wake up in the morning, you will feel calmer and a bit happier to wake up to clear space all around you. At the end of the day, de-clutter, so that at the beginning of your day, you will be able to walk straight out of bed!


Team Flyer, what do you do every day to make your life a little bit more cheerful and calmer?

Let us know down below!

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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