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Hello there my beautiful crowd,

How is it going?

I am, how would you put it nicely, I am going moving step by step towards my goal. Lately, I have been doing a lot of personal me time with my friends, with myself and writing. Then, you´re asking, why haven´t I been posting here? Mainly because all that I have been writing is my novel. I joined this crazy thing called NaNoWriMO and I am loving it. I am spitting material out like I am on fire. Man, I had a lot going on in my head waiting for a pen and paper to come out.

This all leads to dealing with everyday life, such as work, personal life such as certain new changes being made, plus dedicating time and effort on writing. All this made with love. So it leaves here being a bit empty. And that makes me sad, because I want you to keep on following me, I want you to keep on knowing that I am here.

I will do my best to write more cheerful happy thoughts as soon as I can. I know the book is taking a lot of my writing time, HOWEVER, I do advice you to follow me through facebook, instagram and twitter.

Really, you should, you know you want to. Hit those buttons and keep on following, because through there I DO update every day and every chance I get actually. And I do posts cool pictures, thoughts and articles.

That´s pretty much it. Just letting  you I might be MIA lately due to life and the novel but I am still very much present on

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thealwaysbelievers

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/ToAlwaysBelieve

If you like, press that button, if you want other people to smile too, share it with them. Tell me your thoughts, opinions and more on any of the above.

Spread the word, spread the love,

The Always Believer

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