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A few of you here and there have asked various times about blogging and the works. Not that I am the most indicated so far, nonetheless, I am always happy to answer you questions and give you an extra hand to cheer you on. I blog because it is one of my passions and these are the things that I have done.


How or when do I start a blog?

Darling, you can start the blog whenever you like, however you like and right now, if you like. The idea behind it is yours and the moment you put yours up there, it is your own baby. One important piece of advice:  be yourself! No matter how many times you mess up (as you seen with me), or how crazy or honest it might get… bring yourself to the table, your true self.

Why be someone else when you can´t keep up with it? The moment you are you and the more you you are the more people you will attract and that is something you are able to keep up with, you being you, whatever journey you are going through. So, hop on, start writing about whatever you like the most, no matter what it is and take it from there.


How does blogging work? What does it consist of?

Blogging works as any other job. And it is work because all the bloggers you read, those dedicated writers… all have to create super-duper fun content. And that is just the beginning of it, they also have to invest in other things, such as cameras, photoshop and of couse, take their time out to learn how to use these things, plan their content in advance, regardless of what that may be, think of innovative ideas to keep going and also make contacts. They are able to take their own idea, spread it through writing and from there, get a following by working hard for it. And that right there, is work.

All that being said and done, most usually have deadlines, not only with themselves, yet certain projects with other bloggers, brands or PR companies… Best of all, no matter the serious hard work behind it, bloggers are creative minds that put their passion and thought into everything that they do.


How do you work with brands in the blogging world?

All it all, it depends on what point you are. If you are beginning, no matter what your intention is, be sure to create cool stuff for the readers, content is king. And even try to have a theme, not only your page in general yet maybe a certain day to post or things like that. Have your own little universe created a bit more before you think on branding.

From that moment, Mrs. and Mrs. Opportunity will come knocking on your door. You are always able to catch their attention by creating content worth seeing and being you. Meanwhile, after you have been up and running for a little while, you can also reach out to brands. No matter if it feels scary or not, give it a go. Pitch your page and/or idea and it always helps to try. Knocking on someone´s door doesn´t mean you will enter, at least you knocked on it and checked. You got nothing to loose and that even shows interested in growing! Be persistent with your page and it will come up.


How do I get more people to follow me or spread the word around?

The magic solution is….to produce quality content and the more you interact, follow and comment on other pages, the better.  This is simple, it takes time and for some, even courage… find other pages to follow that might or not be similar to what you want to do for your page. Find them out on different social media, choose a few and start cruising. Not only will you get more ideas, you will also find new connections.

Other nice ways are giveaways, loops, hashtags and our beloved social media. Use these tools as much as you can and just be sure to communicate to fellow bloggers and even join a community or two!


How do I use social media?

Well, honey, this one is much like the first one, any way you´d like. Really, as for me, I use tons of social media and all for my page; youtube, facebook, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, music.ly and snapchat. I use them for various things and various times. I am very active on all of them, plus you got the option to share it one one media and it automatically goes on your other media. Even though, it is better personalized, you are able to save time this way and get the word spread around a bit more.

With apps such as snapchat and even instagram stories, you can tell parts of your day,much like I do and even talk to them as well, much like I do too! You can use hashtags on all of them and that usually helps. And beyond that, if you follow people similar into what you are up to, you are able to get more contacts that way too. You don´t have to have them all at all, pick a couple that you are most comfortable with and get the ball rolling…


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Should I tell my audience every time any post is sponsored?

Yes, babe, a million times yes. It is important for them to the truth and for you to know there is nothing wrong with sponsors.  As long as you write anything simple down such as ¨ad¨or ¨advertisment¨ or ¨sponsored¨, you are all set. Whether it is that you want to write more about it or not,that is up to you. In any case, people always love to get the honest opinion on products, so while you are at it, you can easily let your viewers know more about the product.

Blogging world and work or blogging world and school, how does that work?

Balance is also key when it comes to life. I say it time and time again, no matter the context I am in. It is not the easiest to do and it is even easier to slither through your fingers…. I still don´t have it all under control since I have always put my job and and studies as a priority. Nonetheless, making a schedule, as well as set lists, is always the way to go.

I adore being organized and in my world, I mix three or even four big and very different universes all together.  The best solution I have found to keep up with it all is to keep track of things I want to do and make sure I stick to my schedule. Sure, I would love to post more, much like I was doing before, yet now, even if I just post once a week, it still leaves me with consistecy and the rest of my time is for my social media.

Also, I sure do love what I do so it does bring me pleasure as well as a work-load. And another things to make sure you do (as I take it as a reminder for myself too) is to take time out as well. Balance all your universes and make a schedule. Lastly, prioritize, in this case, whether it may be school or work, those are big pillars in your life.

How can I make blogging my full-time job?

That ties into what we were saying before and now you add, that this right here is the most challenging part. The main thing is to stay focused, invest in the best equipment out there, get better with each post you write and be you. The real you, keep that pattern. And of course, interact with your viewers as much as you can, ask them for their opinion and make sure that they are heard. This all takes time so take it easy and stay consistent. You got this.


How important is it to make it as unique as I can?

It is as important as the sun we see every day and the rain we need from time to time, it is as important as the air your breathe, it is as important as … you get the point. You do you. You be you. You stick to what you are and grow from that, let your audience grow with you and from that moment, you will have your own particular following. Because that is the thing, there aren´t two people with the same exact followers and that is something important to keep in mind. Keep at it, sugar, give yourself a chance.



Team Flyer,

I´ve seen some cool and interesting content from many of you and for those who haven´t started writing yet, go ahead and start. Keep me informed, I am also in the look-out, as well as all of you know all the sections we have that you are able to participate any time you want. There is always room for you!

And all this aside, whatever it is you are doing, much as I have written before, stay you and stay humble. If your goal isn´t opening a blogging page yet it is something else, follow that passion of yours and make it yours. Most of what is said above still applies to you!

Feel free to write more questions or comment down below. Be sure to subscribe to stay on top of the game! We will keep a nice warm space for you and send a big smile your way.

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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