Time will tell


Hello there lovely ones!

I just wanted to catch you up on everything that has been happening lately. Here, at The Always Believer, we are working hard to bring you good stories, to make sure you get motivated and most of all spread the love as far and wide as we can.

What I want to do with this in the future is a good feel page to vent, talk to others that have gone through the same (or not) and keep getting motivated to do your best. Life has given me the right tools to do all this. Yet, the time is limited. As many know by now, I am a part-time teacher. Teaching is one of my biggest passions and have been doing so for more than 8 years. As I direct my life towards The Always Believer and turn into a full-time job that I am in love with, life continues. This meaning that being as independent as I come, I need to still pay bills and know what I am doing in the near future.

Hence, start to job search and get back into the reality of moving, too.

Most of my time is working lately, one into non-profit for now, this and another teaching. As days go by, I feel the need to socialize. So I try to get out as much as I can too. After all, it is the best form of inspiration. A lot of my social activities include business though. Like this week, for example. Not only did I got to e-commerce fair to share my world and get knee-deep into others, I am going this weekend to meet with other entrepreneurs too. As you see, it is mainly all work and no play. I love what I do, I would love to make this my full world. You’ll see, time will tell.

One of the main things I have been reminded me recently is to have blind faith.In other words, Always Believe. That is my motto. No matter if the day is long and people say no, just keep doing your best. Believe in it with all your heart, keep going and take it easy.

As I want to be more sincere with you, I am also looking into adding exercise in my life. I crave it more than anything. This also falls back on once you go anorexic and shame your own body, it kind of sticks to you. So, it gets to me once in a while and makes me more determined. Yes, I have shaken a lot of it and taken care of myself. Believe me, I am much healthier now. I just feel like I need to get back into it. I need it back in my life. Will I find time in my busy schedule? Will I have to wait? Time will tell.

By now, you see how busy life is. Like everyone’s elses. One thing is for sure, you will be hearing from me on a weekly basis. I am finding (and they are finding me) amazing stories and powertalks for #GoDoFly. I am writing my heart out to make sure that you get the best every week. And if life makes me stop due to other jobs and all that, I know you will still be there.

Fans, Followers and most of all Friends, thanks for being there. Each step of the way, thanks for the likes, the comments and shares! Keep at it, it encourages me to keep on doing so much more. It keeps me motivated as it reminds me that what I am doing is helping so many others.

Thank you,

Have a great weekend! and week and so on and so forth!

Make it your own!

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

PS: Just realized, one more month for my birthday. I am getting excited already! This year I will be traveling to see best friends and family.

Be now


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