Dear Tom,

I have missed you. Where are you now? Where have you been?I am letting you know I want you back, I want to see your red cheeks back in my life soon. Some people are happy when a love like yours is gone for a few months, knowing that when you are back, you would have come back to a home. But with me darling, that is not the case. At least for now. I always want to see you. I always want you by my side.

I know there were many times that you have caused me pain and I didn´t feel like having you around. I know that you and your childlike ways have ruined some special moments. You were always around, sometimes even as that third wheel, that we both knew that we didn´t need. Nonetheless, in some special occasions that you were around you were part of the fun too.

The things I felt with you is like no other, we have been together for more than ten years. We have traveled here, there and everywhere together. I just feel like with you life makes sense, life continues and I know that you feel it too. I need you as much as you need me.

Remember that everyone sees you differently but that you are mine and I am yours. Listen to your heart and know that I have always loved you.

Maybe we needed a break, maybe I was a bit of an emotional wreck lately. Yet, I did everything right, I was safe and made sure that we kept our end of the deal. But you just left without saying a word. Then, out of nowhere, you let me know you were ok every couple of weeks but without fully getting together. Seriously, it´s ok to meet up. You are far too kind sometimes, knowing exactly to come, so we can just be by ourselves. And I appreciate that so much. I always do.

Listen honey, we always had a deal, you know when to come by as long as you always stop by. This is a forever friendship. Don´t you ever disappear on me now! I have missed you too much and I have needed you more. You keep me calm and remind me it is all ok, you let me know that. You know it.

I hope to hear you knocking soon, I hope to see you, all of you. Wherever you are, come back, this is home too.

Oh wait, I think I hear some knocking now.



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