#TruthTuesdays: Who made you king?

Hey #TeamFlyer!

This post started out because of this song and just kept growing as I talked it over with my friends…


Who made you king?

Come on, how many times do we have to deal with people who think they are better and boss us around? Yeah, raise your hand. Higher, I see you … Mine is up too. Heck, anyone I have talked to! Their hand was also up. That’s the point!

We declared it, we decided it, we want you to stand up for you and what you believe in. Who made them king and queens of everything and anything? These people are always going to be there, you will see them on the bus, at an office, in business, at school, at the park… everywhere. Entitled people who think that they can do what they please, as they hurt the world.

And that is our next point! They don’t need to hurt you, as long as you don’t let them. Yes, it is as easy as it looks. They could be your father who doesn’t accept your sexuality, they could be your boss who doesn’t accept the way you make your coffee, they could be your next-door neighbour who doesn’t accept the way you dress… they could be anyone. You know who we are talking about….

They’ve got no power over you, no matter how close you are to them. They’ve got no right to change you. Sure, you might want to dress to impress certain people, nonetheless, at the end of the day, the real you is going to come out. Sure, it is a bit nerve-wracking talking to the in-laws and wanting to show you are the best for their kid, all the same, their kid is with you for a reason, you are with them and not their parents. Sure, you might not know how to fully act at a business get-together outside of work, be yourself. Not having to expose yourself 100% if that is what you want, still, be yourself. These people are people. These people will have their set opinion no matter what you do.

And some of these people boss around, push others to the ground and be all turned around. Yup, these people are those kind of people. And it will be all okay. Why? Because you are a person too. And you don’t owe them anything. Nothing at all. Let them free, let them do their own thing.

Honey, you don’t have a Life Boss on top of you. It’s you who is on top of the world. Just you. This post is a reminder of that. Nothing more than just that. No other way of saying it, sugar-coating it or working around it….

You. Are. Your. Own. Boss.

Repeat after me.



(repeat as many times as needed)

There we go, so for all those who got in your way and who are in your way, brush them away because they’ve got nothing on you. No hold at all.

Go for it.

Stand proud and tall. Be you.
That is all for now, folks. Let us know if you have an inspiring story you want to share with us in our #GoDoFly section. Stand up and inspire the world with your words.

The Always Believer


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