#TruthTuesdays: 27 Lessons



Celebrating #TruthTuesdays, we have 27 Life lessons.

That simple.

27 Lessons

1) No fashion rules. Wear whatever you like. Do what you feel. If you’re cold, if you’re hot, whatever it is that you feel like wearing, embrace it.

2) Be on time. Be on time for dates, appointments, work, family, meetings, be on time. Time is a valuable thing and we all need to respect it.

3) Take care of yourself: Either extra time in the morning, extra time at night, take care of yourself first. Exercise, taking of make-up, sleeping more… Whatever it may be.

4) People are going to do their own thing. Whatever you think that they think of you, chill. Stop making them try to like you, stop pleasing them. They are who they are. And you need to be good to yourself.

5) Be thankful. Write every day what you are thankful for, think about all the reasons why you are thankful as much as you can. Appreciate your blessings and keep them in mind. You will have a clearer perspective.

6) Be in this moment. Be now. We get carried away thinking about the past and the future that we often forget about the now. It is hard to do and its is the most important. You can’t do nothing about the past and you never know what is going to happen to you in the future. So: Be. This. Moment.

7) Be healthy! Doesn’t matter if you are skinny, it doesn’t mean to work your body to the limit. It is simply a reminder that you need to be healthy. This is your body and it’s the only one with you for the next few years, take care of it.

8) Be adventurous, try new foods, try new places, try it all.

9) Before you cook or work, make sure your area is clean. Before you even put your feet up on the couch, be sure your space in clear. It is important to have a state of peace when you work, cook or even relax.

10) Hello nature! It is out there and it is a beautiful thing. Yup, go out to the sea, to the mountain, go for a walk and get in touch all over again with nature.


11) Money, money, money… save some. Little by little, it is always good to have something to fall back on. You can do it. Learn how to manage everything and it will give you a good result in the long run.

12) Call your loved ones. Call them now, stop reading and call them. Come back and remember to write to them and to spend time with them. You will always cherish those moments spent with loved ones.

13) Find someone who gets you, someone as in your hairdresser, dentist, therapist, local store clerk. Someone in your daily routine that always makes you smile and inspires you. It is a good way to keep a life coach around.

14) Cherish friendship. Great friends are the rarest of gems. As soon as you hit a treasure, keep the tight and keep them close. You will be thrilled you’ve paved the way with that relationship in future years.

15) On days off, be sure to stay productive. Getting up to do things with your day will help your self-esteem, as it is a gratifying feeling to achieve.

16) Tea, Coffee, Chocolate – Find a place that you can sit down and unwind. That bar around the corner, that one that has the couch or just the one that has been owned forever by the same old couple… make time for you and treasure these moments.

17) The people you date: make sure they are what you are looking for. Not being picky, not caving in. Be selective and have high goals. Kindness and respect should be high on your list.

18) Mass media is not always right. If it is about random acts of love and kindness, then go on and join in. The rest, forget about it. It send out negative messages about your self-worth and it is something you should know by now. You are you and you only need your own approval.

19) Laugh. Every single day. Find something that makes you laugh. Every single day. Be silly, play around, jump, dance, skip… enjoy.

20)Comparing yourself is a waste of time and it takes joy away from your life. People on TV, on-line are fictional characters and people in general have their own way of doing things. You are you and you are doing what you need and want to do to be the best version of yourself.


21) Go out and get your dream job. Find out what you love and aspire to get it to it. Come on, it is your life, might as well live by doing something you enjoy.

22) Cat- naps are the bomb-diggity! Be empowered by a 20 min cat nap and make the most of your time. It will do you good.

23) Bright side, love. Bright side. You will always be surrounded by pessimists, fight their rage off. Either because they are always complaining, always mumbling or doing little negative things, shake it off. You need to stick to the positive realistic side of things. Find a daily reminder to see the bright things in life.

24) Invest in yourself. In that one item that will last you years. You need those good pair of boots, you need that good chair or sofa, you need comfort that will last years. Invest in your own house.

25) Say bye to your TV, laptop and phone for a while. Embrace the silence and the art of being still.

26) Okay, we get it, you’re busy. It’s one thing if you love being active, another thing is to be busy just for the heck of it. We can always make time for things and most of all people we love.

27) Do what you please. Do all the things in this list. Do none. Do whatever you like. Because at the end of the day, it is your life and it is that simple. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. We have no say. We can help, we can give our advice. Apart from that, that is all.

Do what you please. At all times.


Thanks for sticking around, for reading and being there. If there is something you love, hit that share button. It is there for a reason:

To spread the Love. 

Do good. We believe in you.

The Always Believer


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