#TruthTuesdays: Hey-Ho, more than mid-20’s club right here…

Yo, what up Mid-20’ers, or something or other..

I am not the one to write about these kinds of things however tons of friends and fans have been asking, so here I am … trying to debate whether to start or to continue or to just send a direct link to a few others I’ve seen..

Nah, I’ll do it.. let’s take a look on how life is different now:

1) Hello Bedtime!

Okay, for anyone who knows me, I work hard and smart for my goals. Yes, we are still balancing a day job and volunteer work, while also working on my own personal goal and within all that, I make sure to have time for it all. In other words, when I wake up at 7 and get home at 9/10… I make sure that I get to bed by 10:30/11 tops. Seriously, the amount of times that my friends still speak to me through social media at that time and I am falling asleep are countless. I just want to make sure I get my nine hours of sleep so I can be a power bomb all over again the next day.

Not only that, even though in the past I have worked long after my needed sleeping hours which would only have gotten me a 5-6 hour night sleep, the next day I wasn’t all there. Don’t get me wrong, part of me was, since I do give it my all in everything I do, nonetheless, don’t compare a 5 hour sleep night to a 9 hour sleep night.

I love what I do and I love all the effort I am putting in my daily life, therefore, will all the respect in the world, I need my 9 hours of sleep. And yes, this also counts weekends. Hello, bedtime.

2) Talking about social media… weddings and babies seem to be the main issues.

Well, not so much for me since my Facebook feed has people of all ages and walks of life. On the other hand, I have been seeing more wedding and adorable baby pictures than before. So, if you look back a few years, we were all in the same walk of life, finding out and discovering. I am one for nostalgic and cheesy moments but with all honesty, I can’t remember what popped up on my feed a few years back. Probably endless amounts of party pics and travelling the world with strangers.

Now, paths are diverse, some have kids and some are still travelling, some are working from 9-5 and some are starting their own companies and some are still finding what they way while others are already buying their first home… tis is life, all directions and all ways are possible.

3) Back to pre-school!

Remember way back when you were extremely excited to have met a new person? And then like instantly become friends! That feeling is back! Yup, yup, yup… And a better feeling than that is holding on to them.

Making friends as adult is some hard work, it takes time, patience and tons and tons of coordination to find that special zone called friendship. You get excited when you meet someone new and then from there, you have to take it easy. Because sometimes it is just a one night stand with them, a couple random nights and others turn into friendship gold.

Whenever you reach gold membership ones, hang on tight because that happy-go-lucky feeling is priceless!

4) Just say no….

Okay, if you are like me, you got your schedule booked up to the T, you already know what you will be doing all throughout the week for the most part. And that right there is not only being organized, it can also be a bit stressful. This leads to having to cancel some plans or shift some things around.

You see, day-to-day life gets tiring and you do need your “me” time, so sometimes when you get to “almost weekend” part of the week (for example: Thursday evening) and you know that you need to chill on your own, you start re-thinking some plans. After all, why would you go out or do something when you really don’t want to?

Are you going to be a grouch at the cocktail party? Are you going to be in your own world at your friend’s brunch? Keeping relationships as adult is hard because you have to balance work, family, personal time and friends. It is possible to do it all. You just got to remember that you are allowed to say no from time to time. (well, every single time you want, don’t start being a flake now)

By the way, even though I do a million things throughout the week and get in touch with friends, I do have “me” time as well. And if I feel I need more, I switch things around and listen to my body. Yes, it was embarrassing to say at first “I am cancelling because I need to sleep.” or “I can’t stay any longer because all I can think of is my bed.” yet it is all going to be okay. Say what you have in mind and remember, the next day your own body will thank you for it.

You are perfectly able
5) Health me up! I mean… give me a shot, wait… no, the first one was right.

Yup, you are eating healthier someway somehow. You have more variety of food in your diet and not just pizza and cookies and french fries. You actually enjoy salads, fruit in the mornings and just want to have light dinners. Look at you! You are even starting to take some vitamins and everything. Now, that is grown up of you!

(Disclaimer: this does not happen overnight, you will start experience this step over the years to then see yourself being almost vegetarian, taking the stairs rather than the elevator and even go for weekly walks rather than hang out at the bar. And you will love it)

6) I’ve got the power! I’ve got money!

Yup, you have work hard to the bone and now have a bit of a money cushion. You can start breathing again and know that you can splurge on a movie, on clothes or even on a big technological buy! The miracle!

And what’s even more so, you kinda don’t want to. Yes, you get a chance to spend some money at something leisurely but are you going to spend it all? Heck no, you are going to save most because you know that is always better.

On another note, be sure to also live a little, because life is short and all.

7) So, you are in a long term relationship… when are you tying the knot?

So, you just started dating this hot human being and everyone loves how you two get along and work things out… when are you tying the knot?

Now, this one in particular doesn’t happen to me, to be honest, be that as it may, I do have a lot of friends who go through this a lot. In other words, anyone who is anyone is paring you two up like there is no tomorrow. Wait, now that I think of it, I have been asked that a few times, at least, when are are living together…

Besides the point, back to the main issue in hand is that it is okay if you take your time. You want to do you first, with or without a couple… figure who you are and then take it from there.

8) Social media, once again…

“Oh, whats that new app called? Oh my god, that is so cool, I didn’t know it existed!” and then you get this answer – “It’s called ….. And it has been around for like a couple years.”

Yup, those conversations are starting to exist, media moves forward faster than night turns into day and day turns into night. And there is only a certain amount of time you can dedicate yourself in finding out about all these novelties. Don’t fret, stick with what you know and add on a couple new ones every now and again. You never know if they can help your daily life.

9) Talking about social life

This is a quick one… how about the time that staying up till midnight on a weekday seems like a wild night? Whether it is going to the movies, having a quick beer with a friend, trying to catch a concert or just walk to your local dinner, it seems like a crazy night. Simply because as you read in number one: bedtime and priorities.

Still, break the rules, once in a while, once a month, go on and get out your bad self out during the week. Remember, we love adventure and spicing things up as well. All about balance people and knowing that it is possible to do it all.

10) Your standards of living are higher than before

Yup, no more small room/bed for you. No more living with 5 people and sharing one bathroom. No more sticky floors or red cups lying around. Now, you want nice hardwood floors, marble counter tops and hello great looking furniture.

You want to get home at the end of the day and feel like home. Now, you are looking into decorating your house with your own fashion sense and personal touch. This is a new step forward.

There are probably more things that are a bit different, maybe I’ll write some more soon.

Meanwhile, let me know what you have got in mind, spread these changes to those other 20 something year olds that are on the same boat and subscribe. That is another adult thing, right?

Stay fresh!

The Always Believer

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