#TruthTuesdays: Ladies, Love and Learn, no matter what

Ladies, Love and Learn, no matter what

Women are often fed images and countless ways to make our hair fuller, lips softer and lashes curlier. They make way into our living room and into our bedrooms. They tell us how to feel good with our little tight waist and if we want to achieve anything in life, we must look happy and fit all the time. All of this forcing us to focus on our appearance.

On one hand, it is great that we have a lot of things to help us feel better with ourselves on the outside, yet on the other, it is horrible that this is the main thing people focus on. We can have beauty and brains too. And most of all, we can have brains all the time.

Lately, school has had a negative connotation to it. Whether it is because of hardcore subjects or overwhelming finals week, it always seems like a drag. What happened to the spark in our step when we used to go into school all happy to be learning? Yes, we used to have that. Nowadays, people only see the negative aspects and dismiss all the benefits learning have.

Moving onto the realistic side, education ain’t easy either. This is all because we have to work hard to get those great grades and fully test ourselves each and every time. As every opportunity that we have is a challenge that we get to overcome. As in every time we have a sleepless night or a big project due, we are able to find our moments of strength and realize that learning is worth it. It is worth all of it because we are expanding our train of thoughts and being active.

These life moments that we need to appreciate is when we realize that these inner moments of courage and adaptability are well received for lifetime situations as well.

As for me, I didn’t quite make the cut for college due to other life tales. And as everyone knows, I love the arts. Maths and science aren’t for me. Even though I didn’t really get a proper education, I did find my own methods of learning. I didn’t just want to be another pretty face or an office rat. Everything that I have discovered has been because I have put hours of studying behind it. I have read plenty of books as an avid book-worm that I am. That being put aside, if you catch me reading, it will mainly be me reading up on ways to succeed in my business.

Finding out who I am, it all takes time and courage to try different things. And that is exactly what you should do. Take your time to find your own gift and do whatever you are meant to do.


We are all given unique talents, things that only we are able to do and from there, make the world an even better place. Whatever it is that you are finding out for yourself, you have the chance to do it and turn it into your own career. Without a doubt, your “smart” can be anything you want. We must remember this.

It is like we are still being fed that being smart and women don’t really match. We still need to be the cheerleaders on the side or simply the cute side dish. Well, nope, we can’t have that no more. We need to stand up for what we really believe in and make it happen. You don’t need to go to Yale or become the president, you can be as smart as sassy in your own thing.

These images of being the “nerdy smart girl” that is not hot, or being the “hot girl” and not smart should become extinct. You can have beauty and brains, you can have it all. When you speak about the topic you love, you will light up the world with that beauty. When you choose clever words and speak about it with passion and heart, that is when you shine the most. We all want to have an intelligent partner in our life, we all want someone who we can carry a conversation with. We are those people, we are those girls, we are those women. We are the ones that care about our education, getting ahead and find our own true selves as we do something we love.

Remember your passion for education, for getting yourself to the top, to your own personal goals. Learn everything you can about the world and your own area of it. Listen to others, find out how they think and listen closely: Smart is sexy.

Let loose, have long study hours and debates and follow your gut. Be both and if you have to choose, choose brains.

What is your point of view? Let me know! Share your story with #GoDoFly and let the world know that you have got the power. Spread this post, let the world that we all choose Brains every day!

The Always Believer


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