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Hello Team Flyer!

As we want to gear you up for the new segments, we wanted to give you a preview on #TruthTuesdays as a guest writer.

After sending an email to ariadnaarredondo@thealwaysbeliever.com and getting feedback, you will be scheduled for the next free Tuesday spot available.  The info you need to send in will be the following:

– Your post

– A small bio

– Your links

– A picture, or two, or three of you or whatever you feel (all being appropriate)

Trade off? On your site, you put up the button for the segment you are a part of.  And use the hashtags #truthtuesdays and #thealwaysbeliever.  You post it up on every social media you have and spread the word! And if you don´t have a site yet you do have social media, same goes. All we want is to spread the love as far and wide as possible.

Usually. with #TruthTuesdays, it is pretty easy to put together.  Here´s a preview! Enjoy!

The Always Believer


Hello Team Flyer!

Today for #TuesdayTruths,  That Girl´s Words is talking to us about feeling empty. Be sure to check her out below!


She sat there at the window as the breeze played with her hair. The cold outside didn’t bother her, it was her frozen soul that troubled her the most. She hadn’t realized what she had become until fifteen minutes ago, when the reality shattered her. She had become the person she had sworn would never be her.

She cut herself to relieve the pain she felt inside, she stopped eating in hopes of getting invisible to the world. She turned into a bitch to feel in control, and she hurt everyone she loved. Now, she was all alone in this cruel world.

She was still ugly and fat, she was still dumb and now, she was lonely. Nobody loved her…or did they ever?

“Nobody ever loved me,” she thought, “nobody ever will”

She stood up, the wind blowing now. Her hair tangled up, her face pale as a ghost, her eyes hard as ice. She went closer to the edge, feeling nothing beneath the tips of her toes.

“Nobody would miss me” she told herself again, reminded of the bitter truth again. She was surrounded by people, yet so incredibly alone. And this was all on her, she deserved to be hated. She felt nothing inside her, only agony.

“One step, and it will all be over”

As the darkness embraced her, she didn’t feel the pain, she didn’t have flashbacks or memories. She felt empty.



Have you ever been to a crowded area? Pick up the face of any teen girl, that’s me. I’m your average girl who has her dreams, her pain, her joy, her insecurities, her love, her drama, her peace. I am the girl who likes good grades and works for them, I’m the girl who is trying to fit in and stand out at the same time. I’m the girl who has her little group of friends and maybe a boyfriend but still feels lonely sometimes. I’m the girl who likes to make others happy. I’m the girl who can cry herself to sleep every night, and put on a fake smile every morning.


That Girl´s Words

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