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Education system

Before I start my rant, I should make it very clear that i am a firm believer in education. It is knowledge that gives life a purpose, it is knowledge that distinguishes between the fool and the wise. Education is important to eradicate evil, there is no doubt about it.

But my problem isn’t knowledge, my problem is the way we gain knowledge. I have problems against the education system.

Our education system is seriously flawed. We teach languages, mathematics, sciences, humanities maybe…that’s it. Agreed, they’re important, but are they the only things important? When will we start teaching kids about daily life? When will we expose them to real world problems, like wars and internal politics and racism? When will we start talking about subjects that matter the most, but nobody is aware about them?

Our system pays more importance to the dress code, the homework, the discipline than if the child is learning or not. It doesn’t matter if I actually understood the subject or if I am really good at memorizing stuff, I just need to get that A+. Creativity? Oh, how will that help me, all that matters are my grades. There’s so much pressure to get good grades, that the purpose of education is defeated. Knowledge is compromised with.

And it’s butt natural. Have you seen the competition out there to get into university? It’s insane. Good grades, grades, and if not, some super rich parents who are childhood friends with university trustees. That is it, because unless you have good grades, or you are filthy rich, you are gonna end up working at McDonald’s.

How many of our schools focus on teaching kids the important things? About our government, our rights, about ethics? About how to survive in the real world? Very few. But oh, everyone knows calculus and quantum physics. We don’t produce kids, we produce robots. It’s an industry, a factory that creates robots…mechanical, stripped of all imagination and curiosity with only one greed: grades.

We teach kids what to think, not how to think.

Think about grades. College. Money. That is it? What happened to teaching them to think about world peace, human rights?

I am a student, and within two weeks of school restarting after the winter break, I dread the idea of that place. I am done dealing with assignments, deadlines, and things that won’t help me in life anyways. How does it matter if I wear my hair open or in a pony tail? Well, in school it does. It’s much more important than gaining knowledge. If we hate going to school and learning, something is seriously wrong with the system.

The pressure of cramming unimportant stuff into our minds and getting grades is ridiculously high. It’s so high, we breakdown. I’m pretty sure if I were to live on my own, I would have no idea how the world works. I don’t know how to compare insurances, or how to manage my shares, or how to pay taxes, but oh wait, I know the symbolism in Shakespearean texts. So bloody important.

My generation is a lost cause, because we are brain washed into believing this system is the best. But for the next generations, we need to make changes in our educational system, and radical ones at that.

That Girl´s Words

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