Up in the air again


Hello lovely dreamers!

This is short, sweet and with a supersmile! 🙂

Life is all about being happy. That work load that you have and knowing how to balance it all. To spread the love, to be kind to one another and to keep on going after your dream.

Anything is possible in this world, people come and go and the opportunity of the present is now. No need to look back and sometimes not even forward. Enjoy this moment right now and follow your heart. That voice in your head? Let it go if its negative, listen to that gut feeling and live out loud.

You know, it is as easy as saying follow your dream and do what you want to do to be happy. Be brave! Go out and do it! (or stay in, just do it! Everything I create is made of love and good thoughts. Faults and all, just learn away. Right now, right here, this moment is where you are meant to shine.

Keep on believing and doing folks.

A few pictures as promised from the first of my birthday celebration last week:

Beautiful gift I received by mail from a cool friend of mine!


Red Beauty is back with hits of purple. Plus, it was all about taking in the sun at this point. 🙂

My Love for Cats is forever and ever. That is all.


I got to ride a horse this week too. Out of the blue! Spring cleaning, extra hours, beach weather, horse riding… time for it all… 🙂

As for me, right now, I am up in the air. Another week full of festivities and good times full speed ahead. As stated before, emails and comments will be put on hold. Monday is celebrating another year of life and taking it all in.

Keep doing what you love to do… 🙂

Till next time beautiful people,

Have an amazing weekend!

The Always Believer


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