Up in the air July!

Hello fellow party goers, fellow lazy Sunday ones, hello world creators…

Here I am, once again, filling you in, filling you with life tales and big smiles. It is all about being up in the air in July for me.

Yes, I traveled, yes, I felt up in the air down on Earth… The month started with a breathtaking trip down South, visiting a good friend of mine. For three days, I felt peace, I felt love, I felt that life was paradise. As for the next four days left of that holiday, I went back to place I called home for many years. One more time, one final goodbye for now. This time around, also at ease, also knowing that whenever I got back on the jet plane, it would feel all new all over again.

Landed back to my new home, celebrated life since the moment I landed. Searched for a new apartment and found one, went job hunting, got loads of interviews, went to dance class and got to perform in front of a big public a couple of times, worked and got great students that showered me in beautiful comments, went out and found love.

It has been a while, it has been a long period of time where my heart was concentred in something that didn´t feel right, a weight to big to carry, a burden that was too much to hold in…. I let it free. This is that moment of my life right now, whatever life brings to me, live every moment big and intensely.

I am only responsable for me, I only live to make myself happy. And I am not talking about being selfish, I am talking about doing what you love while being kind to others. It is a hard balance. You need to realize that this moment is yours, that what you give is what you get, that you are able to be happy. You can do this…

Let my words inspire you, let my voice guide you through whatever it is that you want to do… let your world be yours. 

Lastly, as I overcome more obstacles, life is being sweeter than ever. I still post three times a week and put up awesome reminders in social media. Writing back to e-mails, working on more projects and growing through here will come soon. Feel free to write, feel free to express yourself, feel free to spread this love around. 

After all, we are all made of stars, we all shine on. 

Have more goodies!



Let me know what July had in store for you and what are you looking forward to in August and more! It is always a pleasure to hear from you!

Bring it on August!

Life is Paradise. 

The Always Believer


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