Welcome Wonderful Stranger 🙂

I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful words I know…

W stands for Writer.

Writing, writing about my story. About my life, I write my own story. I own everything that has happened to me, I write how I look at things, it is my version of the people around me.

As I make mistakes, either grammatical or life alterning, it forms part of who I am, it is my road to self-discovery. I am still the writer of my life.

Everything in my life is writing-worthy. It takes guts to push the publish button, whether it is because I just wrote the most scary inner thought about myself or because it is another motivational post towards bettering your life, in which I have no say. Relentlessly, I write and write again, write over and over, once more and once again, I write with courage about what I want.

As long as I am on a roll, I write with all my feelings on the table. I chose to express myself through my writing, it is my art form, it is my way of life. As I publish some and keep others quiet for now, I write about what I fear, about what bothers me, I write what I want. It is all part of who I am.

Not only in an entrepreneur way, but also as a writer, I often think of this:

We jump off the highest mountain and build our wings on our way down. And it that moment, take off into the highest and lowest of places. 

I write to give myself strength. As I write characters that have been places where I have never been and I write some that have been down the same steps, it helps me discover other worlds.

That occurring thought, that never ending feeling, that idea that keeps going in my end, if it is still there after time, it is worth writing about. It is worth taking that risk, it is worth going all the way for it. It is magic in the making.

As a Writer, I am able to say things that we are unable to say. I am able to speak for the minds of those who can’t, I am able to create a world to feel safe in, I am able to motivate those who need a helping hand.

You got to step out of that comfort zone as a writer, if not, you will never learn. You will never know if that is meant to be, if this is what you want, you got to be brave, let them help you and then spread your wings. 

Keep in mind, as a Writer, if I want to be perfect about something, I would not even be a writer. Nothing is perfect, everything is a point of view. Every single word that you spit out, every single step you take towards your writing essay…. just roll with the punches and write your heart out.

Write for you. I write for me. I write for what I want to say. I want to expose myself. I am my own hero, my own artist, my own story-teller. Have no public, have the world at your feet, write for you.

Who cares if some may be bad? I write to learn, I write to please myself, I write to overcome my fear, I write to love, I write because it is who I am.

As I write, I write my feelings down, I write anything that is in me, as I discover myself, I fall more in love with the way I stroke my pen, with the way I type these words, I write to discover more.

As a writer, as a wild horse that I am, as a free spirit, I write when there is no other hope. Whenever it is closing time, whenever there is nothing around, there is no soul to be found, I write anyway. I keep writing because against the odds, this is what feeds my soul.

I emerge myself into my own thoughts, into my own version of reality, into my way of being, I dig deep down and look around. I open my eyes, leave words written down and you know what, it is better to write these words than leaving them left unsaid.

W stands for Writer. And this what I am. That is who I am.

Welcome to my World.

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer


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