We are not going to survive


Hello there fellow loved one,

How are you today?

I wanted to share this recent thought:

We are not going to survive….

Unless we get a little bit crazy.

Yup, got you fooled on the whole twist there… You know me, you know us far and wide by now. And by now, you know that we need some craziness to survive. We need to fulfill our dreams, we need to go skinny-dipping, we need to explore new places, we need to let ourselves go….

This takes me back months ago, where life is a carnival happened. It made me realize even more that people are wilder and freer when they can have masks to hide themselves. In other words, when we cover our faces, we feel like we can be ourselves more…. I want to turn that to when we just uncover ourselves how we are, we can live more sincere and wilder too.

We are not going to survive, we are just going to be machines, we are just going to live in fear, we are just going to continue like time is no big deal… unless we live out loud, we love a lot more, we follow our passion to the max, we get crazy and we let loose…

My oath to you is that this is me. This is my moment, to try new things, to keep discovering, to keep going… I was born to live, not to survive. That is as simple as it gets.

What are you doing to live?

Keep rocking and do what you love, treat yourself!

The Always Believer


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