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Hello lovely ones!

Do you remember the pain? Let´s set some examples: When you gave birth, do you remember the pain? When you had to have surgery, do you remember the pain? When you fell down when you were 10 years old,do you remember that pain? When you got a tattoo, do you remember the pain? When you were sick at any time, do you remember the pain?

Ok, we get the idea by now…. think of any time you were hurt, either physically or emotionally, how you remember that pain, if your remember any of it at all.

We got talking to a few friends and collaborators about feeling the pain …. Most people responded that it was gone. That after time, they just remember the pretty face of the newborn, the happiness of getting out of surgery, the loving look at themselves after a new tattoo and much more. They let go of the pain they had at certain times and just focus on the positive.

It is like the rest of the pain had disappeared.

Our point? That is the way life goes, with time, it will all disappear and it is your choice to look at the positive side of things or even remember both sides. Sure, cases are cases and everything in this world is subjective. Now, just remember the times you have overcome things in your life, what do you take from that? How do you feel? We can almost bet you feel at peace, calm and happy since you have come a long way since then.

Take it easy, let it go…. the pain is all part of yesterday. Because the truth is, you can choose what to remember and what stays with you.

A side note – as a writer who is getting new tattoos constantly, a few weeks before the appointment, I do think of the pain it might cause me. Yet that quickly brushes away because of the excitement of doing something that I love. On top of that, it is my own decision. So, forget fear… forget all that, just stick to what makes you happy.

Thanks for the read and keep up that great work!

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