Hello lovely readers,
First of all, I want to wish you Happy Fall! Let it be full of blessings, laughter and love.
Thank you for stumbling upon this blog, either intentionally or not. While you´re here, put up your feet,listen to some music and enjoy the site! 
I start this blog for the main purpose of getting up everyday with a smile on my face and having a great start of the day. I’m just spreading that joy around with the best of my abilities. Anything from a picture, a quote, lyrics or just a 
¨hey babe, 
you’re beautiful!¨
I know that they’re are millions of blogs out there, it is the tech world we live in after all. I’m just wanting to spread things that make me happy to 
make you all happy.
Life is what you do with it, it’s that simple. For a young woman like me, after having more than a handful of ups and downs, all I’ve learnt to know is to Always Believe. Always believe in a better day to come, in everything happens for a reason, in that the sunshine (or rain, for those natural rain lovers) will arrive naturally and most of all, to Believe in Yourself. That´s how I pulled through so many obstacle courses and  really pushed through the day by day roller coaster. Will I ever write about my adventures, who knows?
I´m just going to start by posting randomly meanwhile I keep on smiling, keep on forever dancing to the (Suenalo*) beat, enjoying my fresh made coffee and
 playing with cats. 
Enjoy, take care, have fun, do what your heart feels and just remember: 
Always Believe
ps: * – Suenalo CLICK ON IT AND FIND OUT MORE:  Latin funk. Fusion. Jam band. Multicultural cocktail. The sound of Miami. Afro-Latin-Baby-Makin’-Descarga-Funk. They’re all names that have been used to describe Suenalo, and they’re all on the money. 

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