Well rested

It is an amazing feeling to be well rested.

Throughout this month, I have had many things to do. I know, I know, like always. I do tend to lead a very busy life full of writing,working,social events and reaching out to my fellow neighbours around the world to spread some cheer. There is always something to do and more to follow. And I love it.

Now, months like this one, (not because it is December, in my case, it doesn´t really matter,yet) have been packed with my usual work related activities and out of the blue, it came with extra social events and extra pack of emotions.

Let me let you in a little…

I love being there for my friends, that´s no secret. The reality of it is that we all live far away from each other. We live either across the country, across the continent or in another continent all by itself. They´ve been going through personal life pondering things and between setting up timetables due to hour changes, I´ve been up at 4am or had to fit them at lunch time between work. That makes my day longer and even more full of things. As you would get an idea.

In my case, I have also been going through new life changes, adding to the whole life situation a new challenge. I went through an important break through, packed up a few of my things and made the move to move across the country to a bigger, better city where I can do my own thing. Not only that, I only got a part-time job so I can dedicate myself some more me writing time.  I finally wrote my book which helped me learn about myself in more ways that I thought. (with me it was always full time jobs and work,work, work) And if that wasn´t enough, I am studying new material to help me expand my business that I want to achieve.

Nutshell me. Helping people, helping me.  New place, new friends, helping friends in need and me being everywhere at the same time. I do it in an orderly fashion since I love doing things and I am used to it. Yet for the past month or so, it has been overwhelming or even going overboard. In a good way actually. I was put in charge of events that I thought were way over my league and came out with sparking colors. After doing everything on my list and making sure I was there for everyone, I made a stop. I let it all go. I went out and partied. I wrote some more. I re read some of my blogs posts to also keep me motivated and chatted to new writers. Most of all, I took some rest.

Much needed one!

I took a quick one because I needed to recover from recent intense activity. Just for three days. I also took it for the upcoming holidays. You see, I am spending the holidays with my best friend, something that I adore.

Thse holidays are to rest after a long year of self discovery, self-love and most of all taking the steps to move forward and do something that I love.

All of this is for you to see how important it is to be well rested. I feel better, I feel new. I feel refreshed and with a whole new set of batteries. These days,not only indulged some favorite tv shows and snacks, but also took long walks to stop and look around. It is something we all need.

 To Stop, Calm Down, Relax and Rest. 

There is so much importance and beauty to that.

This post, right now, right here is to let you in a bit more. Sure, I am as motivational as you can get and will write about that. I also want to write about personal life issues that we can all relate to. And where is it better to start than with yourself?

Thanks for the read, the follows, the likes, the comments, the emails… It means a great deal. For many more to come! 

Happy Holidays!

The Always Believer

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