What is better than ice cream on a hot Summer day?


Hello loved one!

Let’s ask it and let’s response to it!

What is better than ice cream on a hot Summer day?

Knowing that you are working towards your dream.


Today, this moment, right now, this goes out to you.

You know all those extra miles you take on your run? You know those extra five minutes you take with your child? You know that extra rehearsal you take to make sure you got it for the show? You know those extra proof reads you do before you send your CV in? You know those extra designs you create? You know those extra comments you add around your social feed? You know those extra photos you take?

All those extras make you an amazing person. Why? Because you are putting the effort in to make your life better. You are pushing yourself harder each and every day to have that balance, to have the life you dream of, to live it your way.

What is better than ice cream on a hot Summer day?

Knowing that you are enjoying life the best way you can, knowing that you made some changes in your life to live it better, knowing that you are going one step at a time….

And what to know what is better?

Look back 6 months ago. Do you see a positive change? If you do, give yourself a big happy dance in your honor.  If you don’t, then give yourself a dance too, because this is where you start. This, right here, right now, is your sign to get up and get going.

You got what it takes to turn your life into something amazing, you have it in you all along, you have the power to do so. Look around you, look at the world that is out there. Dreams are coming true each and every day, dreams are becoming reality because people have worked for them.

It is your turn to get up and go. That is what is better than ice cream on a hot Summer day. Start living the now, start today with something you love, give it a try, you have nothing to lose.


We believe in you!

We hope you will have someday soon something better than ice cream on a hot Summer day!

The Always Believer



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