What is happening to me?



What is happening with me? All I can think is hearts and butterflies… seriously, all I’ve got them running through my head and heart all day long.

Let’s back up a bit.

I might be a girly girl at some things, romantic all the time and heart on my sleeve, almost never now. In other words, these motions that I am going through kinda throw me off track because they’re all oh so new and oh so real. No matter how long I’ve been in relationships, I am known to be independent. (And cuddly too! It’s all about finding a balance, people.) I like my time and I do my thing. Yup, this is me and always has been me.

Let’s put it this way, I think I haven’t felt this kind of love in such a long time that it just takes me by surprise. I usually wait for the ball to be in his court, take it easy and keep doing my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still have an active social life without my partner. That being said, I can’t get him out of my head. Seriously, I want to tell the world how much I love him and I let him know about a million times a day. Maybe not a million, just a lot. I try to take it easy and don´t overdo it… it’s just the beginning, it’s the start of something.

Maybe this is how any initial phase of falling in love feels like, something that I haven’t felt in a really long time, maybe that is why I feel so out of sync. No matter how much I love running from place to place, from goal to goal and so on… I still love things to take their natural time. I take my time and let things fall in place. Maybe how I feel is where the cards have to fall now? Specially since I know he feels the same way, right up there with me. Maybe sometimes its okay to take a chance on love and just say how you feel.

As I do want to wind down a bit, one way or another…. I had to get this off my chest. I’m going through some hardships at the time being and there he is being a good sport about it. I’ve got important issues to handle and there I am smiling all day long, that “In-Love smile”, while I work hard every day. All I want to do is anything that involves Love. More than usual, like one thing is my usual Spread The Love self, another thing is me falling deeper into a relationship and telling the world about it. Guess this is slowly turning into something more real. What is happening? I don’t know, do you?

I’m the type of person that wants to keep the calm, no matter how crazy it gets. It’s important for me to feel that way and from that moment, see things clearer. Hence, me being all psyched out about how smitten I’m getting in such a short period of time. Just happens.

Anyhoo, I will figure it out, spread the love, find the balance and take it easy. If you hear more lovey-dovey lately, don’t be surprised, it happens to the best of us. You know me, I kid. This emotion is amazing to feel. I just know that it is good to keep your feet on the ground, stay focused and keep things smooth. You get what I’m saying.

There is two ways I can go: Keep this note to myself/friends. Or tell them and press publish. Posts like these and many others are the ones that take courage. I keep pressing publish because this is me. 100%. Take it, leave it, do as you please. I bet someone out there can tell me whats kind of sorcery is happening to me?

Man, this one is hard, there will be harder ones. There is more that I want to say. This is the point of me doing this. This is how I choose to express myself and Spread The Love. Apart from an everyday basis with everyone in my surroundings, this is my extra love. Helping me, helping you, helping the world. We can do this.

Thanks for the read and the love.

Your love is very appreciated.

Today and every day, more and more.

Spread the love.

Ariadna Arredondo

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