What makes me roar!

Hello dear ones,

As you know by now, I adore cats. I am a huge cat lover and feel very cat-like. Now, with that reminder, it is only normal that I roar.

What makes me do that such thing?






Doing all these things make me roar. Each day I push myself more and more, I do something more to get to where I want. I want to be on top, I know what I want all the way through.

All the time I see myself there, high and happily. Along the way, I work happily knowing I will get to my goal. That determination is steady. With each step, I grow. I take a step forward that teaches me one thing or another. There is a lot of steady footsteps along the way, a lot that are just like heartbeats. One beat after the other.

There is no big step I overlook, all of them are small and needed to be taken. I know this for a fact. I know I want to run and be all high and mighty. I know it because I love flying, because I love living my life big and mainly because I want to be secure. I am the only one that handles my life.

A lot of people ask me what is it that keeps me going.  Always Believe baby. That keeps me in line to go after my dreams. A lot of people also ask how can I be so cheerful all the time. Just look at the bright side, you are alive and can give it another try. I have come from so far and I am able to handle more. I have been scared many moments in my life, I have been on my toes as I took leap after leap. And guess what? I never let it keep me from doing exactly what I wanted to do. I might have fallen flat down to the ground, I might have reached for that slam dunk.

What do they all have in common? 




What´s in store for me now? We will all see. All you need to know is that I am working hard to get it.  This loud roar keeps me steady, this belief of knowing that I will do what I most want is the one that I sing along to every night.

Do you to hear the truth?

Here it is, darling. I got pushed around enough, I let my own shadow fool me more than once. I got over it.

Am I being overly positive? 

Hello?! Have you seen the world? There are so many success stories around us. Plus, the world needs more positive energy.

Am I being realistic?

Yes, that I learnt with time. I will always keep my feet on the ground. As I say, you must walk before you can fly. And as a regular flyer myself, I am walking now.

Walking to my destination. The one I made for myself.

No ifs, buts or what ifs.

We will cross those bridges if and when we get there.

At the end of it all, no matter where I end up, it is my choice where to pick myself up and move or simple stay. And that is whole other subject.

Thanks for reading another post, thanks for getting to know me better. Most of all, thanks for writing those comments and letting me know what you wanted to hear from me. I hear you out, as you see! 🙂

Tons of love and go out and get those goals!



The Always Believer

PS: I really wanted to have all cat posts. I was going to apologize, however that defeats the purpose of being myself. It is the person that I am, take it or leave it. Cat love forever. 🙂


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