What makes us ¨us¨?

Hi Team Flyer,

We know by now that many things makes us, ¨us¨!  And even though this isn´t a list to name them all, we are however, going to name a few fun ones… ones that makes us be who we are with everything going inside and outside our brain. These are things that say a lot about us, one way or another… hit the comment section down below to add more of your own!


– The questions!

To be or not to be, that is the question! Well, not this one per se, just questions in general… yes, we say a lot from the questions we ask, we sure do… No matter where we could be, in a meeting, at school, talking to the parents, talking to friends, in a YouTube meet-up… honey, questions are as important as thoughts, it shows your interests, your passions and even your way of thinking… After all, your question is whatever you are focused on… and that says a lot!


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– Our lovely best friend, our phone. Phone, oh, you’re my best friend, In a world we must defend

Yes, Pokemon reference aside, our phones, for most, specially the youth (a.k.a: millennial and beyond), it is our best buddy. We store everything there, from photos, to crazy addictive apps (be sure to check: Brain it on), weather updates, news, social media, games… and the list goes on and on and on… Not to mention alarms, appointments and passwords… In other words,  a lot of what we have on our phone says quite a bit of what we have. In my case, what do you see? Loads and loads of social media (to stay on top of my game for my page), editing apps and app about news, specially on publicity and advertising (not only is it my major, it is one of my biggest passions!) … Of course, the weather app, Word Reference app, bus and train schedule apps, google maps and a few more of the sorts… (This post is not sponsored in any way.) What does that say about me?  You know, it is under your opinion.

I know what I use them for, I know what I do with them and how useful they are… all in all, it does say a lot.

And what is more, we are most likely not to show our phones or give our phones to a friend who asks for it because we are very protective with our belongings. Specially one that holds so much of us.


–  Oh that chuckle!

What does this mean? Things that make us laugh, yes, of course…. things that make us giggle, chuckle, laugh, cry out of pure laughter… say a whole lot about us. So, no matter if you are laughing at someone being overweight or at a video of a cute cat doing cute things, even if you are laughing at your favorite comedian or at someone falling… it says a whole lot about you.


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– Look at me! Look at me!

And another thing that is similar to what we laugh at, is what we see, what we choose to watch. Come on, with a million videos all around us, we changed our mindset from TV and watching whatever was on to Netflix or Youtube and choosing what you really want to watch. And that says a whole lot to, from documentaries to dramas to romcom to YouTuber´s… this also makes us more us… After all, next time you are on the train or subway, look around and see how many people are watching screens, for whatever reason..


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– And for our last bit, the good, the bad, the more, the less, the you…

We can see a lot of how we are in how we see the good, the bad and everything else in between. This doesn´t necessarily mean from doctors to criminals, this can also mean people who have less or more than you. This is your way of thinking about them and yourself. Regardless what you think about those the less fortunate or those who are higher than you, in any level… you are constantly exposing your real self. In other words, how you treat them says a lot about you. And as a plus, if you see those who are higher than you and that makes you push yourself higher as well, then, hey … welcome it. That is an attitude we want to see. And yes, of course, it says a whole lot about you too.


What else do you want to add? We know there are tons and tons more… keep them coming! Be sure to check out the sections of #TruthTuesdays, #ThankYouThursdays, #SorryNotSorry and our star #GoDoFly !

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