What makes you smile everyday?


Hey there,good-looking, what makes your face turn into a smile?

What actions happen around you that just makes your face who into an immediate smile?

Tell me!

Grab a piece of paper, grab your phone and open a note,

Think about it and respond quickly!

That right there! There it is! What makes you smile?

Think of everything that makes you smile darling.

Why is this important? How is this not important?

Let´s see, you know those times that life gets you down and you don´t know whether to go left or right, those stop everything in my life moments, you need reminders of what makes you smile. Smiling is such a great treat to do and people forget about it so quickly.


I mean, come on! Whenever you are walking down the street and someone just smiles at you, just because, that makes your day too. Or seeing an email from a certain someone or even seeing the Sales sign go up! That smile, that smile that travels the world, that smile means you are happy. And you know how to be happy because it makes you smile.

We need to this more often people, share that smile, it is the quickest action of spreading love. Try it sometime! 

Ok, back to you… 🙂 

So, what makes you smile? Once you remember the smallest of things to the biggest, you list just has grown bigger than you can imagine. It is important for you to keep that list near and to add-on it. Write it as a blog post, as an article, as a list, as photographs, as anything you like… remind yourself what makes you smile, because after all that is what truly makes you happy.

I know there is a million and one, an infinite amount of articles about Smiling. Look below, I´ve inserted a few… See, what the world is wanting to tell you is to smile, is that smiling is important, is that you are unique with your smile, is that you open doors by smiling… so on and so forth, so yes, I am one more on the whole idea of Smiling rocks. I want to be, this makes me smile meaning this makes me happy!

At the end of the day, smiling means that you are happy. How many times did you smile today? What really makes you happy? It´s up to change those frowns into smile each day more and more.

Your turn. 

– The Always Believer


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