When life goes down, you go up.

Dear Team Flyer,

How is it going?  Now, here we are another week down the road and what a couple of week it has been.  Lately, I have had some more mayor changes in life, I think February is up to something because last year it was all the same. It gave me the opportunity to get into a whole new way of life and that included a move as well.

Let me update you will these changes:

Change number 1:

I am getting surgery number one next week! Yup, you read right, about time! On my left foot first and the second one coming up shortly after. Moving forward, this change and life update comes dear to my heart and impressively thrilled each and every second of the way.

As you know, this has been something I have been wanting and need to do for the past few years and thankfully, after all that waiting… Here we are, the date has finally came!

More updates to come with recovery and the whole behind the scenes. As far as we know, it is two weeks without moving and another two weeks going slowly. A full month with a boot in hand, well, on my foot, of course.

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Change number 2:

Due to the surgery, I get to miss finals, least most of the finals. And that was a huge deal to me. Of course, everything I am doing right now is all towards my studies, my strength, my passion, my goals are all there. And if that wasn´t enough, there is a possibility of missing finals two and three, due to my second surgery.

This week, I have talked with teachers and this is what we have discovered:

For some of my classes, it is alright, I can still pass the classes in the following term. For other classes, I really should be going to the exams. What do I think? Depending on how my recovery goes and because I have better facilities to go to school, I will probably go to the exams. Only that.  And as for the second operation, for now it is looking good! We will play it by ear, well, by foot, in this case.

Change number 3:

I had to change my job, entirely. With this new change, it also meant, my home.  And this was a whole new unexpected challenge.  Originally, I cried, I let go, I shook it off and spoke, I spoke a lot. To a whole lot of people. About everything. About each and every possibility out there. About what I felt, about what we could do, about how I can make everything work… In the same month full changes as in surgery, recovery, exams and brand new life all over again.

This week, talking with all of these people and having much thought, this is what we have decided:

Even though it would have been fantastic to start my career and have my independence back… I decided to continue being an Au Pair. And after much thought, consideration and looking, I found one. Won´t tell much about them, just that the schedule is great, the location is solid and the rest is wicked. Life is grand.

I took last weekend off, to a trip to France to get some snowboarding fun along the way while studying… Remember, taking a break from it all is essential, as one of my dear friends says: It is Key.

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Moving tomorrow, as we speak, starting after my first recovery period and gosh darn, I am as excited as they come. This weekend is full of moving, partying and studying for Monday´s exam.

Let´s get this new adventure going!

Once again, darling February, you have it in for me. With new features, new doors being open and ideally and lovingly, February has been trying to make my life better and push me into a better person. Without a doubt.

And now, this is the part where I tell you all sorts of emotions going through my head, tell you what I feel, how I feel and how I discover life. You see, this was a hard rough patch all over again in my life. And boom… with the best luck and love and hard work, life just got better.

And with my last and final announcement, I scored amazing tickets… thanks to a friend of mine, we are going to see Ed Sheeran in April!! Life just got cooler. Just got to keep that great work up. And we will!

More on Youtube with The Adventures of a College Girl… More on my social media, below the picture! Be sure to keep checking, asking and submitting comments and stories!

The Always Believer


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