When the road,


Hello there!

When the road gets tough, what do we do? We get going. Yes, cliché, I know… but oh so true!

Lately, my life keeps on changing whether it is due to my job or my family life and those are two pretty important key things in one´s life.

As far as any other corporate job goes in this world, it is fast paced, demanding, stressful, full of pressure and with a lot of deadlines. It is filled with worn down faces and business meetings, it is filled with a thin double standard, it has one false step and you are kicked to the curb written all over it. Now, this might not be all of them nor all around the world but we sure know that it is a first come, first serve kind of world out there and if you aren´t what they wanted, move over.

There is a lot of things that I don´t get agree with, there are things that I am not interested in being in and knowing since it wouldn´t do me much of a service. It´s good to know how the world works and how to make things happen around it, following these certain rules. As I step back, out of a world that has nothing to do with me, I go back into a bigger reality. I realize that the world is still full of options, that the sun still shines, that the impossible is happening and all I had to do is step out and see it right before me.


Now, off to the next adventure, I am singing in the busy streets, I am going from place to place, from one end to another, to make sure that my magic still continues. People thought I lost it for a while, filled with dark clothes and wasted eyes, yet I knew that this time around, I would step out into my own light as soon as I knew it was missing. As these previous months passed by, they were filled with endless amount of paperwork and defeat, barely any lines were written, no edits were done. My body caved in and I thought about myself for once, not the bills that needed to be paid or the survival mode one  would get into, I was  giving myself a change to snap out of  that world and continue with my own magic.

My dear followers and friends, sorry for not being all there, as my work path took me the wrong way, I like to inform you that I am off to the next adventure of finding out what I really want to do. Meanwhile I figure it out, this path right here will keep on lining itself up, one way or another. There will come a day that I will gladly do both and all, with that shine in my own magic. I can´t wait to write more, I can´t wait to inspire your day and for you to feel even more amazing.


This is my own magic, this is what I want to do with my road, this is what I long for, this is what I want do with life, this. Right here. Spread love through my words, through my eyes, get through to you. That is the sound of my heart.

For now, when the road gets tough, the tough gets going.

No regrets of this or that. What I have learned is that I am able to shine my own light, that I should always remember what I am capable of, that happiness is the key to life. I want to continue writing and hearing your stories, I will be back through all that in no time… Remember: Your Life is meant to be Your Way. The moment you do something that makes you happy, you will shine like no other. And everything else would just be a lesson along the road.


There goes my cab, there I go to get my camera, I am off to the next step, being brave, happy and knowing that I am choosing my own path.

What about you? Where are you heading to?

Till soon and till forever,

Keep Always Believing, because we know you can make your magic happen,

The Always Believer


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