Where are you?


Where are you?

Where do I go to find you? How far do I need to go to see your light again? Where did you go? Why did you go?

I don´t get it. We used to have it so good, we had the whole world at our feet… and here, we are … lost, once again.

Why did yo go? Who made you leave? How did the days become stormy and grey?

Uncool, it is throwing more rocks on top of an already rocky mountain, ´non-sense´ we yell!

We are all humans…. why do we do this?  These negative vibes are way too much. Why would someone do this?

To us!  To you! To everything that you do, everything is good, everything is perfect by your side.

Yes, sure, we had some things to figure out, we had a long time running show back and forth, all that said,

I´ve always run back to you, I´ve always wanted to be with you, I´ve always wanted to be by your side.

Come back!   I am going to get you back, we will get you back. We will get you back here where you belong.

Your light and your bright face belongs everywhere. It belongs all over and it deserves to always shine.

With these words, with these feelings, with all of our good deeds, we will get you back for good.

We don´t know where you are or how you got to be so far away, all we know is that you are always in our hearts.

You are always right here, with us, and through us, we will make sure that your story is being told.

You are the most important thing we have, you are the only thing we have.

We have you, we are here, Love, we are here for you, with open arms.

Let´s go and spread more and more until infinity and beyond.


By: Ariadna Arredondo


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