While my boyfriend is sleeping

Hey there Team Flyer!

So yeah, it is way past midnight and this Disney princess is still bright awake in her cozy and fitted winter pjs listening to Summer Mix 2018 with a million thoughts in her head. No, not wanting it to be Summer already, I can sit back and enjoy each season for what they are. 

Actually, my head tosses and turns because there is a load of creativity wanting to get out. There is so much creation and so much love wanting to come out and really make a difference that I’ve been writing non stop. 

Brainstorming! Creating! Moving! Up and down and more and more words. Sleep, what is this sleep you speak of? Darn it, I am sure a cat and love to catch the zzz…. yet boom, just like that, when I get into the vibe, I really get into the vibe and my goal needs to be met. By me, for me, just like that. 

It is the small little things that turn into big things, those things that you do just for you. This is one of them. Because as my outstanding prince of a boyfriend sleeps the night away, here at 2:30 am I can observe some pixie lights, lots of posters and get even some more inspiration. This is what fuels me, what drives me, what makes me go. 

So, while my boyfriend sleeps, and mumbles ¨What are you doing up?¨ as he checks the time …  I am thinking of countless ideas to write and how to put those ideas in use.  We are put on this Earth, in this Universe to create ways to love. That is my intention for this world and this is how I plan to use my time.  Oh, that statement comes to mind: ¨You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce.¨ And all while we can debate if this is true in 2019, if we go way back when she just started and went by here full name, she just had those 24 hours to go accomplish her goals.  That is the essence of the chair, (#sorrynotsorry Friends fan here), that is the essence of that quote. 

I am still overcoming, changing, moving, up and down and all around… aren´t we all…? I will take the pleasure and the pain as this song currently says and with that pain, make into a lesson. Now, for the moral of the story: inspiration strikes when it strikes, inspiration comes and you got to grab it. Rise to where you want to be, do what you want to do and be your own freaking self. 

Message out. Please enjoy the cute selfies with the real VIP, Winnie the Pooh. 

Love always, 

The One where She is more than a goal-getter

The Always Believer 

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