Who cares?


Hello there and there welcome to another reminder of not caring at all.

Here, we are a great community of caring about each other, so what is the deal? We care and we respect each other. So, in this post we are quickly reminding you not to care what anyone else thinks about you.

Come on, think about the most extravagant person you know? The most out there pop star? The most weirdest person you know? The random people you see on your way to work or just talking a walk around cyberspace…

Seriously, we all know that most of these people second-guessed themself when it came to leaving the house with that outfit on… and then, they did it anyway. Why? Because they didn´t care what everyone else had to say. They just did it.

From fashion to starting wars, from exposing some skin to tattoos, from coming out of the closet to raising a family by yourself… all these lifestyles are valid. So is yours. Whatever you are, whoever you are and no matter what you do, be happy.

After all, we are always going to get together with people more in tune with the way we are. We attract everything in life. Surround yourself with what and who you want to be too.

People will always have their opinion. As long as you respect others, as long as you give the best version of yourself, then so be it. Who cares about the rest? You are here to do what you can and be who you are.

Real friends will stand by your side, no matter what… just show them who you really are and go out and live your life happily.

Take care,

The Always Believer

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