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Welcome, hello there!

How are you? I am happy to present my list for things I would do when I am a billionaire! đŸ˜‰ All about that positive thinking and believing… Apart from hard work too! Everything counts!

Off I go!

1) Help, help in any way possible. Spread the love, work on my line The Always Believer and reach as many people as possible. This one comes in many ways and forms. This one comes with the greatest of my goals and wishes, this one comes with all my heart. I want to spread the love far and wide.

2) Start up my own charity/join an already made one: Cause – Children, help children get education in every part of the world, help them get above and beyond in life.  I believe in them as they are they holder of our future, they are the magic we need, they deserve to be protected.

3)  Make sure everyone that has helped me in time of need is taken care of. Help my closest with their bills and give them amazing gifts. From trips, to producing their passion to anything to make their dreams come true.

4) Travel. Travel around the world and work around the world helping other. Making sure that the children are taken care of, helping in any economical way to help their future as I travel too. I want to see new things, be even more inspired to write, to create and to learn about life.

5) I would throw a giant party, a huge one. I would take my loved ones to Disney World, on a cruise, I would make this giant party to celebrate life. Once a year or even twice. Just live life! There would be everything one will dream of, there would be simply joy, laughter, dancing and a huge ongoing party.

6) I would give an opportunity to those in need. Like the tv show where the boss goes undercover to be part of the crew, the same. I would want to help those who need it the most. They need a lifting hand.

7) Create the house of my dreams. Where you will see the creativity as soon as you walk in, where you feel the love as soon as you look around, where everything has its place, where I can love and create everything around me.

8) Invest in sustainable companies and even set a few up. Any way possible to help become healthier and greener. I want to help that goal and in any way possible. Let´s Save the Planet together!

Till here, for now, these are the first steps to my greater life. These right here are the things I would start as soon as I become a billionaire. I will get there. Not because it is the amount of money, it is all about enjoying life, work hard and help people in need.

I tag YOU! ALL of YOU! Tell me what will do when you are a billionaire! Link it to me and spread the love!

The Always Believer

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