Why do you have to be so mean?


Hey you! Yes you!

Why do you have to be so mean? Seriously, why do you say those hateful words? Why do you tease and bully day after day?

Yes, we are talking to you. Yup, we got the right person. We know all about how you talk to yourself every day. We know how you put yourself down over and over again. We know how negatively you see your reflection.

What is up with that?

Now, come on there. Don’t turn around. Listen up.

We are not here to tell you are perfect or you are 100% wrong. We are here to tell you that you need to respect yourself above all. You are the only you you’ve got. In other words, whatever you are saying to yourself, you believe firsthand. It doesn’t matter if the guy of your dreams, if the girl you are in love with, tell you otherwise! If you don’t see it, then so be it.

What do you achieve with those thoughts of self-hate? Leaving people behind, spilling your tears like there is no tomorrow, more angry people in this planet… Nothing, you leave nothing. Why do you put yourself through all that? Maybe it is because you are used to it since forever due to a million reasons and just because you don’t feel like more.

We want to remind you that you are not alone, that you are able to move up and get going. You need to respect yourself, love yourself first and know what you are able to do.

Start with the following:

1) Give yourself credit

2) Find something that motivates you.

3) Get yourself a goal.

4) Get help from your friends and have a “me” session.

5) Vent and vent some more. Let it go

6) Turn negative words into positive ones. (example: change “I am not able to do something” to ¨ Maybe I can” or “Let me try”

7) Look at yourself in the mirror and point the things you don’t like and find ways to change them.

8) Listen to positive music, tv shows, people….

9) Surround yourself with things you love

10) Love yourself first. Go through your own personal belongings and sort things out.

These are just ideas to remind you that you don’t have to be so mean. In other words, take care of yourself and start believing you can. You are halfway there when you start to believe, now go out there and do.

Let us know if you need any more tips!

We believe in you.

The Always Believer


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