Will you be needing change with that?


Hello there beautiful ever-changing one!

How many times have you had a change in your life? Can you even remember the last time you changed something?

Recently, we have been talking more and more about changes. Why? It is that time of the year.Summer is almost here, school is letting out, people traveling on holidays and even some jobs end too. Hence, one of the oldest questions in the book: “What is new?” New meaning that there has been some changes at some point from last time.

Do you need a change? How do you know? We think that change comes automatically most of the time yet sometimes you need that extra push. In other words, you also have to realize when you need  a change.

Is a change always profitable? Is it always going to be worth doing? Usually, yes. It helps us grow and let go of things that we don’t need and even things we thought we needed. It is all a part of life, people come and go, we all change a bit along the way… the real question now is that after all the changes you have had in your life and now that you are a bit settled, do you need another change? 

We want that to be up to you. We wanted to remind you this question because it is useful to think about changes and growing once in a while. Even if we are adults, we need to remember that we are also forever changing. Maybe healthier food choices? Maybe a morning run? Maybe not caring what other people think? Maybe wearing something different? Maybe a person who is dragging you down? Maybe, it could be so many things.

Look at your life right now. Make a list of all the things that you love. Is there anything in your life that you left out? Then, that could be it! That could be what you want to change. Not only that, it could be a dream holiday, for example. So the change you need for that right now is saving up and learning how to save up so you can get there. Or arrange the dates already!

She´s caught

And go do it!

No matter what age you are, no matter where you are from, you can always make changes. Or not. It’s up to you, after all. Just remember that anything is possible and we have seen plenty of “impossible” things already.

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Have a great day, folks!

The Always Believer


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