Working through the daytime

Working through the daytime…..

Working through the daytime to get things paid can be taken both ways. On one hand, you’re lucky enough to have a job and are able to pay for it all. And on the other hand, you are working your life away, since all you are doing is working to pay bills. And on both hands, we get to ask the question of “How important is everything we have?” meaning how much do we need everything that is around us. Sure, we ‘need’ fundamental things such as food and shelter. Per contra, what about all the extra things we add-on?

Let’s leave that thought for another moment.

Back to the main idea: Until what point in our lives do we continue working to just pay the bills? There is a lot of people who don’t stop doing this and are forever in jobs that is all just routine. Then, there are many others who make their dream into reality, from artist to doctors, from teachers to hair stylist… This is what I love to hear. Of course! Because these are people who are passionate in what they love to do.

I, for one, as I am finding out exactly what I want to do, am following my own path. My own path to doing what I love to do every day. Yup, working towards that. Going back a little, I consider myself lucky to have a job and be able to be independent. I am constantly thankful that I get to go to work every day, be able to pay my bills and saving enough, have a bit of extra cash for extra activities. More than that, I also know that it is temporary.

Why? First of all, I am not made for a cooperate job. And foremost, I want to be able to do my passion. All this takes time. Time in finding out what you want, time in finding how to get there and time in getting there. It disheartening when time is slow, whether you are waiting for someone to write back, whether you have to continue working a day job to pay bills while you are working on your own thing on the side, whether it is because the idea didn’t work out and you’ve got to do another one…. It plain sucks.


We have all been there, just another fork stuck along the road, working while waiting. And even for me, no matter how grateful and happy I am every day, I walk into a job that doesn’t fully fit me. A job that makes me want to chase my own dream more. A job that doesn’t let me live to my full potential. And heck, you know me… I am chasing my dream to give out all I got. As I stated before, not chasing after unreachable goals, just working my way to where I fully fit in.

One way or another, time does move on and you will see the fruits of your labor. As long as you work on them every day. I keep this in mind as much as I can, because whenever I do work towards what I want, I feel better with myself. Takes time? It’s okay. We got patience. As long as we continue, continue to do what we want to do. And that’s that.

Lastly, look around: What do you see? If you open your eyes big enough, you will probably see people who do what they love. Either at a coffee shop or at a retail store, you are always able to spark in someone’s eyes because they are doing what they really love.

Are you one of them?

The Always Believer

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