You are doing better than you think (part three)

Hi Team Flyer,

Here we are with part three of this month-long series of motivating you and reminding you that you are doing so much better than you think.


You do you, boo.


Yes, babe, you actually find someway somehow to get time in just for you. Regardless the fact that you time means watching Netflix as a passion or going running every day, whether it is knitting or going to animal shelters, whether it is clubbing or walking all day long… you have a chance to take time out for yourself. You may think you don´t have anything going on, however if you really open up your eyes and see, there are activities that you do that makes it all come together.


You like something!!

Yes, darling, you have interest in something, from Gilmore Girls to food to cars to camping… you know that there are certain things you like and you find ways to pursue these said activities. Not everyone knows just yet what makes them tick, what intrigues them, what makes life exciting for them… yet you do. You sure are able to get an activity or two, you sure are able to take these interests and turn into something more.




I know what I want and I want it now. 

At this rate, even though it might be really different for everyone, you know yourself more. You have reflected or just thought about something so many times that you know what you like or dislike. You know who to talk to when you are feeling sad, you know where to go to celebrate, you know how many hours of sleep you need to make you feel like the boss you are, you know what extra cuddle you need on off days and so much more… this, this makes you so much valuable. This right here makes you realize more that you things are better than you think… because, sweetheart, we already know that you only got your own self in this world and the fact that you know how to treat yourself, is a major deal.


You got a roof under your head and a place to call your own

Whatever it may be, if it a house, a dorm, a bedroom, a corner, a dock, a deck, a spot or a couch… you got a place to call yours, your own, your space, your sacred place, your escape zone where only you have the control. And that right there, is pure paradise because it is your area to do what you love and feel free… you are already doing better than you think…


You take responsibility for your life 

So many people all in over the place think that the world owes them so much or at least something, they would rather play a victim, they would rather just see their life in the past or not even with a smirk of taking responsibility for their own actions…

And then, there is you… you, that not only at this point you have gotten up countless of times, you know how to own up to your mistakes and move on without hanging on to the past… and that is a lot more than what some people can say. Life hasn’t gotten any easier, at always, you just gotten smarter. 


As for you, Team Flyer, what else have you got? What else have you got on your mind? We want to know what is on your mind, we want to know how you feel and know that you are better than you think!


The Always Believer




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