You are doing better than you think (part two)


Hi Team Flyer!

As you know by now, part one of this month-long series already came out…. And for those who don´t, be sure to check the previous post out for more reasons why you are doing better than you think.

This is a personal reminder for you, for the ones you love, for whomever you want and wherever you want. It is here to make sure you know that you are doing an amazing job at life…

More reasons to see how this is true?



You get shot down at something you really wanted and that leads you to something greater.

So, door shut right in your face, so you got let down, so you had the whole house knocked down… whatever it is, whatever it may have been, you decided to shake it off and build another house. Because when one door or the whole things gets knocked to the ground, it wasn’t meant to be. What is meant to be is the other doors that open and houses you build along the way. These lands, these platform, these stairs, these doors… all lead to you having a better opportunity on what is coming next. Plus, the added bonus of knowing what you want even more. 




A change will do you some good


And honey, have you embraced your change. There are way too many people who are stubborn in the own ways, who think that change can´t be good, that don´t grown out of their 15-year-old self and just stay. Not you, not you, sweetie, look and reflect on things that you have changed. And if you think you haven´t done enough, then you must be getting to it now. Get out off your own way, like you have done before, start a new routine, do what you want to do and change, change and change again. Until you like all the pieces that you have and since that is a constant change because we constantly grow… it helps you evolve and keep your life progress at its best.


Some days you are just exhausted and sad and broken…however, the next day you get back up and fight again. 


Because you know very well that life is not all cupcakes, unicorns, fairies and rainbows… It can be rough and stormy, it can knock you down time and time again…And once you get through the hardships of it all, you very well know that you come out so much stronger and wiser… because that knowledge of getting up is powerful, because that strength,that ability of bouncing back up is better than before without a doubt. Life does not keep you on the ground, life gets you back stronger and better than before. Life has made you this beautiful, energetic and thirsty for what you desire kind of person, embrace it and keep on going.



Heartbroken much?


Yes, we have all been there, we have all had our highs and lows and our heart just melted and shattered away by romance, friendship or life itself.  You fell in love, it didn´t go the way you wanted, you put yourself out there, you tried and got back up… that takes guts, patience and a lot of self-love. Because as your heart got slammed or broken, you can rebuild it, you can make it all better. This small setback, no matter how long it lasts, has allowed you to find a love that is better for you. 

Flyer, for these reasons and many more, this is how and why you are doing better than you think. Has this made you think even more? Keep checking the next two features out. They are all for you, for your triumphs and life lessons. We got you, we are here cheering you on. 


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