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You are doing better than you think (part one)

Hi Team Flyer!

Let´s discuss how you are doing better than you think … We have all got our ups and downs, bad days at work, at school, personal relationships and everything in that and around that influences us. When it all gets to be too much, when there is so much social media and influences all around us, when there are too many waves hitting us that it just feels a huge storm… we have to stop and breathe. 

Remember that you also have important and positive aspects in your life, that on those days where one mistake feels like the world is ending, remember that there are many more uplifting things going on in your life. And if there is any certain chance that you just might forget that… here is a reminder, a whole month-long reminder… stay tuned for more…

You aren´t happy with something in your life and won´t settle for anything less than freaking wonderful

The fact that you sit down with your feelings and realize that there are certain aspects in your life that aren’t fulfilling for you is a wonderful realization to have. You have reached a point that you want to change the things ! Those same ones that make you sad, mad or unfair with yourself… and that is a solid win.

The fact that you want to make your own life better, no matter what area it hits, nor big or small change you must you, you are betting on yourself and making your own life a more delightful place for you to be. Remember, it takes courage to change something that doesn’t make you happy. Hooray!

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When in doubt, go with your gut

And now you are shocked and surprised by this statement… of course not! We all know this sentence all too well.

This reminder needed to be added for that exact reason: to remind you! Whenever you doubt something, remember to take the leap and go for it. That is what makes us smarter because we then become more sure of what we are doing.

When you feel lost you get hungry for more

Hungry for more time feeling lost? Heck no! You get hungry for learning where to go and what to do with yourself. Your desire grows into a bigger and better platform.

Because you don’t have to pretend to always have it together, you don´t always have to have everything figured out, you are doing you… and babe, you got so much to offer to this great big world around us than what you are currently offering. That is what keeps you getting lost.

Hence throughout your lost moments, you get to find yourself more and see what else you can bring to the table. And more so, what you want in life. So, that desire, that hunger, take it for what it is and bring it.

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Those selected few

Those beautiful human beings, inside and out, called friends, the same ones that turn into family…those very same ones that get you. Come on, you and me know how much of a rare find it is to find solid honest deep friendships and we both know that as you are reading these lines, you are thinking of one or two or three.

These are your home base, your ride or die, your long run mates, your soul mates. So, name them. Make a list. Blood or not. They are there. Least one. (and send a “hey, I love you!” text while you are at.) And you do have a few of these, so there, more proof that you got it better than you think. 

You lived, you learned 

The fact that you have fallen and gotten back up means that you have learned from mistakes. Everyone knows that we all make mistakes and that over and over, we chose what we do with them.

The fact that you decided to learn from mistakes, that you took the time out to figure out what you did and how it went wrong, the fact that you decided to take that moment to reflect and learn from it makes all the difference. That is one brave soul you got there and that is one great reminder to know that you are doing better than you think.

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Have these few motivating reasons why you are doing better than you think. More to come and add yours below.

Spread this post, spread the love and be sure to keep on reading.

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