You can figure it out. Everything, that is.


Hey there sweet thing!

How is it going today?

Let´s get to it! We are able to figure everything out in this life. Yup, for everything we have in our lives that is driving us crazy and such, it is ¨figureoutable¨. (As Marie Forleo puts it) It is true. How many times have we encountered a situation that seemed impossible to fix and then after some deep breaths and setting it aside, we were able to figure it out one way or another. Yes, there are rocky roads, there are many turns and twists, just keep in mind, you are able to figure it out and get your goal.

Now, talking about figuring things out and getting them on track, we must remember how we all need each other in this world.

So, if you learn, teach. If you receive, give too. Anything you do can help others, reach out to them and show them your talent.

All these things are within you, take them out for a spin, get them shining. You have got what it takes. Why be your own bully? Yes, there is luck and talent but those are secondary. Why? Your first option is to try. To decide that you want to go after what you want. The rest will come, just take the leap.

Whatever you create for yourself, make it out of love. Start a business, move in with someone, take a new job, adopt a pet, go on a trip, all and everything is out of love. Just love. That is all.

Accept yourself, give it all you got, the rest will come. It is your turn, it is your decision to move towards the right path of self-love, self-courage and of course living the life you want to life.

Remember, live the life you deserve. It is up to you. 

Keep on shining,

The Always Believer



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