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Hi Team Flyer!!

So, here I am staring at this blank page, which is not so blank anymore and to my right, or in front of me… wherever and however I choose to position my laptop, I am staring at this nice scenery of trees, some random cars here and there, my music in the background and nice beautiful sunlight coming in. And all goes without saying, we all know how much I love sunshine.

Adding to this, there are some people walking by, jogging, reading, lounging, riding their bicycles and a peaceful house. All these things point in the right direction for me to sit down and want to write my lil’ heart out… something that has been on my mind and I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. And you would think… “omg, Ariadna, of course you are writing tons!” Tons isn’ t the word I would use, it is more like a bit, a bit more than before because hello, I’ve got more time, yet not as much as one would think.


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So, am I really writing about writer’s block? I don’t think so since I am writing and wanting to write, the reality of this is that I don’t know where to start nor how to organize my thoughts. I don’t know how from seeing all this life and inspiration around me I can’t really come up with anything specific to start… Is it because I have a million thoughts in my head? Is it because I am finally just taking it easy? Is it because… who knows?

The best thing I could say is that I do want to feel motivated by you as well. I am by me and I will comprehend the best way for me to write my thoughts out loud, I also want to see the motivation within you. Whereas I do write for me and it is what makes me tick, your feedback is also what keeps me going.  Mhm, that is another new train of thought right there. It also has to do with you and what you give me. Oh, if life were easier, then… it wouldn’t be fair to be honest.


Before I get sidetracked completely on that last thought which I will get back to … the whole ” You would think”, let’s go back to that:

You would think that just because I have this peaceful sight, all the thoughts would come flooding to me. Life doesn’t work like that, we all know that song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette and ain’t that the truth.  Even if my surroundings are all pointing the right direction, sure it does helps, yet that doesn’t guarantee that there will be tons of writing done. It goes with a lot of things too; meaning that just because a path may look perfect and that is the right way to go, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is your path to go. It means that there are “it’s not what you want but what you need.” moments. Meaning that inspiration for whatever comes whenever. Meaning that everything doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Meaning that you are going to learn how to chill and expect nothing.

Because, who knows? Maybe with this perfect surrounding I’ve got today, I might just write one post and not five like I intended. And that is okay, it is okay. Because there is no timeline to this, no deadline to this… this right here, I do for myself. Sure, I’d love to get more recognition, because I do pour my all into it. And when that does happen, I will do things a bit differently to get deadlines done, all while still remembering that just because a place or a situation looks perfect doesn’t mean that it will be.

You got to be real, raw and do what feels right for you. Do what you want when you want.  So… no more “you would think”, at least not this kind because seriously, nothing can be done until it’s done.


What do you do that makes you feel real and raw and right just for you?

The Always Believer

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