You are wise, you are strong, you are your own superpower

You are a gift in this world. You are the reason for someone to smile.

You are the change the world needs. You are forever loved.

You are able to love forever, you are able to live the moment.

You are a blessing, you are the one that made it.

You gave it you all and did it. You learned from it all.

You are beautiful. You are an instant light.

You are this moment, you give out love, you are a star.

Your movement, your cheeks, your legs, your force.

You are able to do make your dreams come true, You are Love.

You make things happen, you wake up every day stronger.

You move fast, you listen to your heart, you beat your own drum.

You are yourself. You are You.  And that is perfect.

By: Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer


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