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How are you? We all agree that YouTube is life and if it isn´t for you, we must acknowledge that they are a very mixed group that have made a name out there for themselves, company aside. Most of these have started from nothing to being Online gurus and wonderfully wise. Just look at many of your own favorites or even search from some random ones online, you will see years of hard work and experience that has gotten them to where they are.

Now, as I watch their videos on a constant basis and love joining in on their adventures, I must say… they do open my outlook in life and give some interesting life lessons, for sure.


To be like everyone else will just tire you out and kill your buzz

Seriously, we have seen some YouTubers come and go and those are the ones who weren´t their true self, those were the ones that did what they could to get the views yet nothing was real… Sure, it is great boost to see all the views and comments but after you run out of using someone else´s idea or talking about something you really don´t know anything about, it gets to you after a while. And this happens in front of a screen as well as in real life. Seriously, could you imagine yourself being someone you are not 24/7? Or even for just a week or two… it will really start kicking in after a while and you would just go back to being you….

And all that aside, if you are looking into growing and moving forward, it is okay to change and find your new self… And that is precisely it, even if you change from one thing to another, you are on your journey. That is quite nice to watch, regardless if it is on a YouTube video or real life. Your real fans, your real friends will stick by you if you are just you, even if you change your ways into someone you want to be more… (Keep in mind that you are still kind!)




To satisfy the world is the same as saying that the sun will not come out tomorrow. 

In other words, impossible… There are very few things in life that are ¨impossible¨ and this is just one of them, you can´t always satisfy absolutely everyone. No matter what good you do, or bad even, there is always going to be someone talking badly about you or just even picking on you just because. Granted everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if it is from a haircut to a tattoo to a new job position or the latest thing you brought…sometimes people aren´t nice, so seriously, hands down, you keep doing things that make you happy.

In any case, those people aren´t the important ones, because of course you do want to make sure that everyone is happy and all, however, honey, that can´t be. It isn´t in our power nor hands nor mind nor goal at all. You do what you need to do, as much as the sun needs to do what it needs to do every day.

And talking about those people, the more power you have, the more popular you become, the more liked you are at a certain thing or area, the more haters you will have. Let them go, it is not worth it. Focus on what is important and who is important. Do what you love to do and you know you already have a nice fan or friend base by your side.


Personal Brand

Now this one I have always known. Even before I started studying advertising and marketing, this one I have always had a huge hunch for and it has seemed to come to life! The following: We are our own personal brand. Yes, you read right… throughout the journey we call life, we change a lot, we evolve to the person we are, to the one that we have always been. And as we were learning all that, most did not realize how involved we were with our own personal brand. By the time we have reached a more personal meaning of ourselves, the way we carry ourselves in situations, the way we dress, the way we act, the way we talk, the way we do what we do… we are all about branding.

Not that we are selling ourselves completely to everyone, nonetheless, we do convince people to hang out with us, to listen to us, to see us a certain way we want to be seen…. with what we do. We choose how we want to be represented, much like every single YouTuber out there. You are able to see people who share everything about their live´s and some who don´t say a word, some who choose to stick one certain area, some who do it all… they are all good reminder that we as human beings are the same… because after all, that is what we are watching, real human beings like us doing their thing.




What are you saying?

And for last, we all know this quote, we all know what it is all about … We say more about ourselves when we talk about other than what others say about us…

In other words, what goes around, come around… in other words,  give what you want to receive. Because YouTubers are people much like you and me and share their own life stories, we are able to see and capture how they feel and say about others and that says a lot. Because, babe, if you are bashing someone else, that reflects more on you than on that person. You just have to let that person be and let them be gone. Meanwhile, all you want and should do is keep treating people with respect, love and kindness.

At the end of the day, the truth always comes out. As scary as that might be for some of you, it is the absolute truth of the matter that you need to stick to the positive and play fair.

These are just a few of the life lessons I have found from some of my all time favorite YouTubers… what are some of your favorite YouTubers and life lessons?

Keep dropping your words down below, keep subscribing and you know I will be here to give your week and your whole life an extra push. I believe in you. I really do!

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