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✨ Today. Now. This moment. Present. ✨

I am the most powerful I have ever been.

I am walking into the wealthiest and healthiest version of myself.

Everything I desire is here.
Because everything I desire is already mine.

I accept myself completely, here and now. & consciously experience everything I feel,think, say and do as a necessary part of my awakening.

Everything I touch turns into financial abundance.

I’m in my best possible timeline.


You can catch this mantra over at @thealwaysbeliever from the episode: Six things to prioritize.

Got tons of new content going on there and a whole lot special secret projects happening too.

Thank you for being here, reading my words and listening to my shows. You’re so deeply appreciated.


Today, this moment, marks another landmark and I’m speechless, thankful and blessed.

Do the hard things now so your future self thanks you. (Yes, also an @thealwaysbeliever podcast episode from this season)

Keep healing your heart because your happiness is more important. (Yes, also an @thealwaysbeliever podcast episode from this season)

And yes, I’m all about this growth and community. Love you so much!




Hug tighter, love stronger,


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