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5 Reasons Why Having a Mentor Can Change Your Life

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Today for Spiritual Sunday we got the beautiful Shika. She is all about helping content creators find their tribe. This and so much more. She also is all about that wellness. Today’s post is a bit more on how mentoring can help you find your spark.


Mentors? Coaches? Psychologist? They all have one thing in common, they help you. Now a mentor what exactly is the difference? Many people ask me that as I am a mentor and have been for 4 years now. Mentor is a friend that guides you through life and obstacles along the way.

They are the friend that you have that hold your seat for you at the movies, that gives you honest advice, that pushes you outside your comfort zone and that celebrates you and every accomplishment you have. A mentor is never there to talk you down rather bring you up to your fullest potential.

It wasn’t until I got a mentor myself ( actually many), that made me realize, man this is amazing and everyone should have one. If you are going through change in your life, have alot to release, wanting to accomplish a big goals or just need motivation well time to get a mentor. This is why I wanted to write 5 easy quick tips as to why you should get a mentor

Mentors are your friends

You should never feel like you can not open up to your mentor. Mentors are there to help you through whatever you go through whether its the stress family to the stress of job to the goal of starting a business.

Mentors will help you release what doesn’t serve you

Our bodies remember everything from birth ( and even before). We hold so much in our being that can affect our mind, body and soul. A mentor faces though beliefs, trauma and hardships with ad help you grow from them and detach from them. Being a reiki practitioner, this is something that I tend to help out a lot on a cellular level.

Mentors celebrate you

Sometimes when you are so busy getting to a goal, it is important to celebrate the little wins to motivate you to keep going to to keep you upbeat. Its the journey not the destination that trully makes it rewards. When you tell your friends about a trip you don’t only tell them you went to the airport and how you got back, you tell them the food you ate, the people you meet and the funny moments you had.

Mentors will hold you accountable

Let’s face it, procrastination is a thing and its normal. A mentor can help you stay on track and sometimes that’s all you need

Mentor will support you when no one else does

Maybe you are leaving your 9-5 and wanting to be a normad, most family and friends might not be supportive of that. A mentor can help you through that transition and be your biggest cheerleader when it may feel like no one else is

There are so many tips to having a mentor but here are a few to help you out. I hope you got inspired to get a mentor. If you feel connected to be mentored, feel free to reach out to me to get a free 30 minute call so we can see if I am the mentor that the universe has guided you to go to. I am a social media mentor and wellness mentor and I help concious beings heal, grow and connect with themselves to accomplish everything they want to manifest in their life.

I’m sending you alot of light, love and positivity.

Happy mentoring!

Your chica,

We are going to see much more from her here. Our podcast episode comes out January 29th, next to her #GoDoFly story. She will tell us more tales of her life journey and deep words of wisdom. Who do you talk to when you need to vent?

The Always Believer

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