“A dream isn’t some sparkly diamond we get. Sometimes, it’s rough. And not so pretty.”

I feel ya, Usnavi. Lately, that’s how it all feels.

And with that, I say:

Not all storms come to disrupt your path, some come to clear it for you to see the real rainbow.


How can you turn vulnerabilities into strengths? How do YOU do it?


Through this story weather, it’s been rough and tumble for a while.

Dealing with limiting beliefs, letting go childhood trauma, understanding that people are toxic (no matter what their title is in your life, so let go once and for all),deep shadow work and oh yeah …

Living though a pandemic while changing careers and continents, all while feeling homesick for the first time in my life.


My gosh, what I love about this movie (and my quote!) is that life is beautiful no matter where your timeline is at.

We all have different ones and in every aspect, even through a power outrage (which we actually are having as I type this due to the #tropicalstormelsa – ironic right?) and everything else, life is a gift and an adventure to be on.


More life lessons from In the Heights.

🦋 Take a different path!
☀️Insert yourself and your dignity
🎀 Know what home means to you
👑 Keep on going after what you want


As for me, I’m going keep riding this storm because it’s still here a lil’ while longer.


Whether you watched the movie, liked it or not, be sure to take some time to appreciate the rain, understand the storms, know your worth and most of all, go after your sueñito.


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