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A sneak peek to my self-apology letter that you’ll find on podcast @thealwaysbeliever :

I forgive myself for not thinking I am worthy with this body, with these curves, with these zits and sweat.

I forgive myself for hanging on too tight for far too long. For getting to comfy in my own area and staying put and silent.

I got myself, I got myself and I choose to share these thoughts for myself, for my past self and for my future self.

I am coming to terms with whatever they think of me is up to them. It is up to me to think of myself highly, to speak to myself with the most loving words, to do what I want, when I want and how I want.

How I live, how I feel, how I be… are all valid.


Podcast – @thealwaysbeliever
Name of the episode: #GoDoFly with Ariadna: Forgive, release and heal
Out everywhere – link in bio


I talk about my letter, the power of releasing, the truth on how to deal with your inner child, on how magical triggers are and more personal stories.

I’m extremely thankful for everything life is giving me. I see abundance everywhere. How about you?

I’m proud of myself, in how I talk to myself and self-reflect in order to grow, glow and speak my truth. Proud of all the inner and shadow work. Proud of what I stand up for. (Of all that and so much more!)


Thank your for reading, for listening, for being a safe space, for being here and being you.

Tell me whatever you like …!

And if you needs ideas … when was the last time you forgave yourself? What helps you release tension throughout the day? What are you the most proud about yourself?

Reminder: Everythin’ I desire, I go receive

I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us. For we are powerful, loved and worthy.

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