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Hello Team Flyer!

I am Ariadna Arredondo, founder of The Always Believer.  I am a happy-go-lucky girl who is making her own dreams happen, forever positive and overcoming obstacles along the road. Being a bit shaken down due to life circumstances, I’ve managed to get back up, get going and get strong. I love to help people, make them laugh and feel wanted. You deserve to shine and follow your passion. This is what I am all about, plus telling you the truth you want to hear.

My childhood memories aren’t too sweet as my house was a bit rough to live in, I remember shouts and cries. It is a mix of that and a few sweet memories at Disney World and bike-riding. As a 9-year-old, my mom and I started to not only travel but to move around the world. My life took a big turn as she took us for the ride of our lives. From moving cities to changing continents, from living in random couches to living with other families, we did it all.

Moving on, as a child I was sexually abused by a family member and a couple other random people too. As a teen, I was anorexic, depressed, self-harmed and moved out at 17, living anywhere I could find. And from there, moving forward, I found myself through my early 20s and got myself back up. It took me some time to shake memories off, to forgive my parents and to be where I am today.

I started The Always Believer because when ever since I was a child all I could say was ‘Always Believe’. And from then on, all I did was that. I always believed that there was a way out, there was an inch of light around me, there was always a way to be saved. For those moments that I thought it was going to be the end, all I did was believe…. And from there, I did. I did something to get out, get up and get back at it.

I write to cheer you on, to make sure you embrace yourself and every single inch of you , to create new ideas together and I share my personal story along the way. I want to be by your side, if you ever need help or are in the search of a positive word, feel free to contact me. This blog, these posts, these heart written words are to help you become a happier and healthier person.  I want to impact you in a positive way, that is my true goal.

Now, it´s my turn to spread my word, my love for writing and most of all, putting a smile on that face. It is my chance to create a new world and expand mine. To bring you closer to being happy while I write my stories, my motivational posts and shower you with household decorations full of positive vibes and love.

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Thanks for being there,

The Always Believer


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