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Be a lighthouse.

“I now create a burning desire within myself for all the good things I want.”

Be the light seeker that you know you are. Be that fire starter that believes in themselves.


In the darkness of life, with all the mundane things that we do and the constant back and forth, it’s so easy to get lost in the darkness of it all.

Believe me, I’ve seen some pretty dark moments and hit some rocky roads, with my back issues, balancing my 9-5 all while I’m healing deep wounds, listening to my soul purpose, speaking my truth and standing in my light.

And oh yeah creating tons of content for my ongoing business @thealwaysbeliever and podcast! In English and Spanish!


It’s time to give yourself credit, to review your goals and to celebrate your own light.

As I stated on my previous post, life reminder to celebrate ourselves and all our growth!


That lighthouse that brings inner peace, inner balance and all the joyfulness from your inner child.

Being a lighthouse is a matter of sparking your light, speaking your truth and being a light in this world.

Because your words, your truth and your way of being lights up more people that you’ll ever know or realize.


Be medicine. Be a lighthouse. Keep that spark going and believe in yourself, through it all.

You got it takes, I believe in you.

Keep going. You got this, #teamflyer !!

You know where else to find me:
Podcast – @thealwaysbeliever and I’m everywhere #linkinbio

And more realness on @tiktok with more content creation coming soon!

Thank you for being here with me, at this moment in time. I appreciate you.


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