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How to keep them? Simple. Say yes only to what you want, in other words, what you soul needs.

Whether it is only being online an hour a day, only talking to that certain toxic person once a month (or ever), only going on walks at noon, or anything else in between… do that.

Do just that.

We get caught up so easily in everyone else’s life. And on one hand, we are connecting, learning and listening.

And on another, which is most common nowadays, we are overwhelmed, jealous, confused or just lost.

Boundaries are important. I can go on and on on what I did after a 10 day cleanse offline and how I’ve change my whole online routine going forward.

But I won’t.


Because I rather you take a note of yourself and what you can achieve when you connect with yourself. When you sit with yourself and your thoughts, when you really reach down.

Tears, fears, hopes, dreams, laughter and whatever may come that way.

It hits you. It needs you. You need to look inward and focus on that first and foremost.

Hence, boundaries.

Spread some magic down below and let me know what boundaries you have.

Hug tighter, love stronger


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