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Chatbooks and me: Our instant love story

Team Flyer,

How many times have wanted to stop time and enjoy the little things? To capture these moments instantly and for a lifetime? That is where my story and love for Chatbooks began. Seriously though, as someone who takes lots of pictures and loves to print them to enjoy them, Chatbooks is my go-to!

Part of Motivational Monday Vibe because we all need some extra time. We all much rather be spending time with our loved ones than designing a book. We much rather be spending time capturing that sunset than looking up offers on printing pictures. We just want our life shipped to us.

I adore photography, whereas it may be nature and landscapes to portraits of friends and family. And I do have them neatly organized on my hard drive and see them often. Capturing moments that stand till the end of time is what makes me happy. Not only that, I travel. A lot. I move. A lot. (Check out my last move out here!) So, you better believe I dreamed countless times about printing them and having them line up on my shelf. This is best way I found to do so!

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Chatbooks called out my name like it was some sort of spell. As soon as we moved and settled in somewhat, I wanted to see what was the best way to have these pictures shown. What caught my eye about this method is that since it is in book form, you can actually personalize it in every way you like. (And the set-up only takes 30 seconds!)

Plus, you still see your pictures without getting the original copy dirty. If that wasn’t enough, you can write captions and even make your own story. This is something I want to do when I have kids, to be honest, being able to read them a personalized story just makes reading time so much better. They also have other products and series too. Photo prints, cards, monthly minis and more.


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How many times have we gone on holidays and said we will print the pictures when we get back? And never do anything about it? How many times have we had a incredible family outing and wanted to print some pics and hang them? And never done anything about it? How many times have taken really good nature, landscapes, buildings, pets … photographs? This is your time to shine!


Chatbooks is mainly targeted to parents, which believe me, it is a very busy lifestyle, yet anyone who is busy anywhere can benefit from these. The app makes the book easy to design and print directly from your phone. While you are traveling, you just add that picture to your book directly from your phone. (This even includes from Instagram! Caption and all!) And by the end of the trip, your book will be ready and home before you! Same goes for those breathtaking photos of the kids, nature and whatever else that floats your boat.

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The quality is superb, the price is unbeatable (10$ a book!), the delivery is fast and it is so easy to hit click and print… no wonder our love story is instant. I’ve just made one of my husband and me. No words, just tons and tons of pictures. And it filled our hearts with joy when we received it. (It is also a hit when we showed to friends and family, super practical and light.) This is an amazing addition to our lives, where we are able to capture the moments and see our picture book library grow.


Comment down below if this you are going to give them a try. Let us know how it went! We love to hear your stories.

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