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Dear Ex, you made my light brighter, thank you

Dear you,

Dear Team Flyer,

Dear whoever is reading this,

This goes out to the old and the new, to the in between and to the more to come, to the up and the down, to the all around, to every single one who has broken your heart or has open every door for you and still didn´t work out, to him, to her, to you know who you are….

This goes to you because you have made life brighter, with and without you… Sure, I´ve gone through some endless months of pain and denial, through some highs and lows, through some tears, through some moments of despair of wanting to talk to you all night, to those drunken nights to those endless text messages or phone calls… Sure, I´ve tried to be okay right from the beginning, sure it was okay to hang, sure it was okay to text and catch up on a regular basis… yet it was all too much for me… Hence the lack of calls, the being M.I.A, the whole let´s go do our own thing first and then we will see each other whenever….

Months later and quite a few nights of tears, ice cream, wine and friends, here I am writing this to you. Yes, you.. I know, I know, we are back to talking once  a week or two and all cool. After all, we did finish in good terms and we make this thing work… Nonetheless, you know me, I am a writer, I choose to express myself this way and you know you, you darling, won´t be reading this, so all in all, it is my thoughts out loud and all these other people reading along because they also care.

Thank you, dear, thank you for making me a better person. While we were together you have helped me grow, learn and laugh all the small things, you have helped me think more and think better of myself… And now, that we are not together, you have also helped me become a better person. How?  You have helped me to get to know myself better, you have helped me to learn what I want and don´t want, you helped me figure out where I want to go and even more so, knowing that your path in my life has been effective and beautiful, even the ending has been a reason to rejoice life´s happening. Heck, you were the one telling me all this months ago, I opened my eyes, spread my wings and looked inside myself and found gold. We did make each other better.

Thank you, babe, thank you for finding the right way to get my own goals straight. Regardless what we went through in life, regardless of our path, we started seeing that we wanted different things, our goals were diverse and way too far apart.. We have tried to put it together down the same one, yet you showed me that this wasn´t the way, this wasn´t exactly how it was going to be. Why? Because our goals, our life decisions were different and best of all, our way of thinking were different and throughout all our differences… you showed me what my own goals are. And that right there, is pretty darn cool.

Thank you, honey, thank  you because you have taught me to forgive. Yes, after all the riff-raff, all the times we talked about how good of a decision this was, after all the tears of sadness and all the glorious times we smiled and hugged after… You have taught me to forgive. To forgive is one of life´s biggest lessons and with you, I have learned it once more, I have seen myself capable of letting go, forgive what happened and forget what could have been.

It takes some time, I needed to vent, breathe, reflect and even let go of that perfect little vision that would have lasted forevermore… no matter what happens in the future, you have made sure I learned to forgive because it does make one stronger, wiser and lighter. And that is the point of any relationship, it helps us to build ourselves up, it helps us to bring us to a higher place and a healthier one…

So, dear Ex of mine, you have made my life brighter and my mind wiser, thank you…

To all those who know what I am talking about, give a shout-out, a heads up, a little comment, a cool subscription and a whole lot of love down below.

Thanks for the read, thanks for the heal,

The Always Believer


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    I am glad you are able to look at this in a positive light and share it also. It’s great to hear that you can reflect on what you have learned rather than dwell on the negative stuff. You sound like you would make a wonderful girlfriend for some lucky guy. Have a merry Xmas from New Zealand.

    • thealwaysbeliever

      Wow, this is such a sweet and surprising comment. Thank you very much for all the love. And for the support as well. I am beyond happy to have my message come across the right kind of way.
      Happy Holidays from Spain!

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