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Fitness Friday ft. Emily

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We are here today, ready to kick it in 2020! Let’s lift and go, baby. For Fitness (body-loving) Friday, we got Emily Formea from Sincerely, Emily. She is a health coach who shares her own struggles, helps you as much as she can and so much more. Today’s post is all about lifting!

How to Lift Like a Queen

I’ve always been really into health and fitness. Growing up, I played almost every sport under the Sun. I was involved in soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, running, you name it, I did it. I loved the competition and the friends I made, but there was a dark side to my relationship with sports, as well. I needed to be thin.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing sports, but I also sickly enjoyed burning a whole lot of calories. At college, I stopped playing sports, which meant I needed to find another way to burn as many calories and to stay as thin as possible because I believed that’s what would make me successful and that was what would make me happy.

*Spoiler Alert… It hadn’t worked that way in the past and it wasn’t about to work this time.*

Sports had made me very lean and active and pairing that with an eating disorder was not a good mix. I ran a lot in high school and my early college years. Unfortunately, I never properly fueled my body. I never properly rested.

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I saw exercise as a task on my daily checklist that as the weeks and months went on, I fell quickly out of love with working out and rather saw it as a way to punish my body.

I would spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical, but the worst part was the fact that deep down, I hated it. I hated the exercise. I didn’t feel well. I didn’t feel strong or confident.

I did a bunch of cardio to just sweat off the ‘fat’ I was so fearful of gaining. That was pretty much it. And what a terrible way to abuse your body and mind. This was all before I found lifting.

I had finally come to a head with my eating disorder at the end of freshman year of college. I was so tired with the battle; I was so exhausted from struggling and I really had lost control of my life.

I was constantly anxious and had such a bad relationship with food, fitness, and wellness, that I found myself faced with two options: to completely crash or to finally start recovery.

I decided to try and win the battle finally. I reached out to my boyfriend at the time who knew a TON about lifting, nutrition, and proper fitness recovery. I remember crying to him about how fed-up I was with the life I was living and the pain I was inflicting upon myself.

After a good couple hours of tears streaming down my face, I asked him to help coach me because I wanted to start lifting. He had been involved with lifting for years and had really found passion in it and I desperately needed to find a new and healthy outlet, I figured this was my best bet. 

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I truly did not expect what came next. I started lifting to find a new hobby and to help my body get in better shape through a more sustainable sport than hours of cardio; I never expected it to change my mind and outlook on life. That was for sure.

There’s a huge stigma around lifting regarding women. So many girls are terrified that lifting will instantaneously turn them into a 300 lbs. man with biceps the size of watermelons… trust me, that won’t happen!

Lifting weights for girls is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest things you can do for your body, mind, and confidence.

It’s a fantastic way to set goals for yourself and see your own growth and achievement as you’re able to lift heavier and heavier as time goes on

It’s very feasible because almost every gym I’ve ever seen has some sort of weights section or you can even buy a small set for your own home.

You can do it with friends or if you prefer to workout solo, you can do it that way

When done properly and safely, it’s incredible to build strength in your body, which helps with posture, arthritis, etc.

You build a lot of muscle while having fun and not totally killing yourself for hours on a walking machine

We aren’t gonna lie here… it also gives you that amazing booty that every girl wants to rock those leggings or swimsuit this summer in 😉

It shows you how strong you really are, mentally and physically

And the list goes on and on!

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